Chapter One: Don't Tell Aunt Alice

"Okay," mom began reading off the list, "So we need balloons, plates, napkins, forks, food, a cake, and movies. We already have the mattresses, blankets, pillows, and Cray paper." We were planning my birthday party and so far it was going rather smoothly. This was one of the most important birthdays of my life, though I was technically turning six, I looked like I was twelve going on thirteen. And that's what we were celebrating this year; thirteen. My party was going to be a sleepover with seven girls, including myself. They were all from my school, in my seventh grade class. Today was September 3rd and I had exactly a week to do the rest of the shopping, planning, and cleaning, without the help of my Aunt Alice, AKA, party planner, extraordinaire. When mom and I had first started planning my party, she specifically told me not to tell Alice. Mom knew she'd go overboard again, like last year. The only ones in this house who knew about the party were mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, Aunt Rosalie, and Uncle Jasper. Uncle Emmett wasn't told because he has the biggest mouth in the world and would, no doubt, mention it to Alice.

The details of the party were simple: it was a sleepover, there were six girls invited, the color scheme was purple and blue, and it was spa themed. I loved going to the spa with Aunt Rosalie. We always got manicures, pedicures, massages, and facials together. It was so much fun, and yet so relaxing at the same time. I would hand out my invitations tomorrow in school. I made them yesterday with Jacob, who also knew about the party, and they looked great. We worked so hard on them, spending two and a half hours getting six done. I typed up the information on my laptop and printed it onto purple paper. This took about an hour, trying to decide what color to print it in and the font. Then, we glued rhinestones on the paper, making it look like polka dots. That took another hour, since Jake got a rhinestone stuck in his hair, and we couldn't get it out. He had to phase so I could cut it, and let's just say grandma doesn't like horse-sized wolves in her living room. The rest of our day was spent outside, licking envelopes.

Aunt Rose got lots of spa supplies from a French boutique, which also sold the most adorable scarf that I just had to have. She ordered the cosmetics and lotions online, and she's currently France, picking them all up. She is one of the greatest aunts ever. I mean, what aunt flies to France, just to get things for her niece's birthday party?

I went to bed thinking of the endless possibilities of what could happen at my party. I thought of how Aunt Alice would react to hearing that I was actually having one. She'd probably be thrilled, even if she wasn't part of planning it. I thought of how Aunt Rosalie, mom, and Aunt Alice would do our nails; different colors and designs. I thought of our faces being covered in facial cream, then peeling it off. I thought of the pictures we'd take, that I'd arrange, later in a scrapbook. And then, I thought of nothing. I drifted to sleep.

I woke up earlier that expected. My usual waking is around six, so I have time to get ready and eat before school, but it was five-thirty and I was wide-awake. I got out of bed and chose an outfit for the day. It consisted of jeans and a plain, white t-shirt, plus, I accessorized with a black neck tie. They were the newest, coolest accessories in school. I straightened my usually curly hair letting my newly cut side bangs fall in front of my eyes. I laced my black Converse high-tops and checked my wrist for my bracelet. Jacob had given my mom a bracelet with a wolf charm on it, but when she had me, she gave it back to him. He gave it to me and my parents added our family's crest in charm-form to it. I never take it off. I grabbed my schoolbag and headed downstairs. Everyone was sitting in the living room; I guessed they had been doing that all night since they didn't sleep. I stayed overnight at the 'main house,' as we called it because, no offence to my parents, but our little cottage was just so boring.

"Mornin', Nessie," Uncle Jasper said, ethicizing his accent.

"Good morning," I responded. Everyone talked amongst themselves and I made my way into the kitchen where I picked up the invitations. I stuffed them into my schoolbag and dropped it next to the door. I made my way to the refrigerator and munched on some fruit. Uncle Emmett walked in and sat next to me at the table.

"Hey, Nessie. What's up?" he asked. I swallowed a slice of watermelon.

"Nothing much, eating fruit," I told him. He shook his head and continued trying to make conversation with me.

"So," he began, "I know your birthday's next month." I nodded and took a bite of a strawberry. "Are you doing anything special?" Uh-oh. I thought. On that note, dad busted through the kitchen door.

"What?" he asked, hearing my thoughts. I think Emmett's on to us about my party.

"Ugh, could you stop having a conversation in Ness's head?" he asked.

"Sorry, Em," dad said.

"So…are you?" Emmett was being persistent. This time, I popped a grape into my mouth and let dad answer.

"We're taking her for a nice family dinner." Dad copied this from my current thoughts, as what to tell my uncle.

"Why? You can't eat." He chuckled. I bit my lip, I hadn't exactly thought of that. Oops, sorry. Dad nodded.

"Well, I can eat," I added. Emmett shrugged and walked out of the room. That was close.

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