I've been watching Real Kids Story Rainbow lately...hahah I'm not sure what the show concept is. Why do they keep trying to match up the little kids into couples? They're 5 or 6. o.o

They're all so adorable though. Well, their faces at least. Daniel Hyunoo Lachapelle is a complete player! And I'm not too fond of Aleyna. Those kids are so spoiled!


They get whatever they want!

I remember when I was little, I had a Pikachu plushie. And then a few months later, they came out with the exact same Pikachu plushie...BUT IT TALKED. And I'm like, "I NEED THAT PIKACHUUUU."

But my parents were all like, "no way."


And one time, my cousin got a violin. So I'm all like "I WANT A VIOLIN!" And then they got me a toy violin which only played ONE. SONG.

How am I supposed to play one song for the rest of my life?

Yeah. Those were the most troubling moments of my childhood.
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