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- jenna calahan, 16
bio: jenna is from kentucky. her father is a wealthy entrepreneur, but a bit of a cowboy, so she grew up on her father's farm along with her four older brothers. there, she never had a great social life because all of her brothers are really jealous. every boy that approached jenna would end up almost dead, she couldn't go to parties without someone watching over her, and she could barely bring home a friend. but now, her brothers are in college, some are traveling around the world, that doesn't matter, the thing is that jenna is finally free. and this came in a perfect time, just when she is moving from the boring country life to the glamorous and exciting california with her parents, since her father is opening a new company in huntington beach and has some things to take care of. jenna is very sweet and inocent, and she never dealed with bit.chy girls and horny guys, so will she survive at this jungle? no one is here to protect you anymore, sweetie.
model: raina hein

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-jenna calahan
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I was finally a free wome, without any big brothers that protected me and maked sure that guys don't even look at me.
Now, that was changing. All the guys looked at me, but it wasn't the way I imagined. I always thougt that guys would see me and they will say "wow, she's so pretty". But no, they weren't even looking at my face, they were looking at my body like they watched a brand new car or a piece of meat. That freaked me out. 
"Hey!" said a cute guy, walking to me. I freezed. I never talked to a lot of guys that weren't my brothers.
"H-hey"I whispered, totally nervious. I never imagined that after 17 years of being waiting my freedom, I was acting like a dumb.
"I'm Caleb, and you?"smiled.
"Jenna"I whispered, almost shaking.
I wasn't being charming or bubbly, I was a totally mess.
"Can you give me your cell phone?"Caleb said with a half smile, showing me his perfect white teeths.
Well that was something... surprising.
In my cell phone, the only male contacts that I had where of my family.
"My phone?"I asked quickly, Caleb moved his head saying yes "Hum... okay, I guess"
After I dictated my number to Caleb, I started to walk faster on the Orange County streets. I couldn't believe that I spent that much time practicing cute smiles and blinks in front of the mirror, talking to myself and pretending that I was chating with a cute guy and imagining how good it'd be to have a boyfriendm when I had the oportunity minutes ago and I acted like a clumsy fool in front of a very cute boy.
Nothing, till this day, was happening the way I expected.
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