Dear Mr. Next-Ex-Boyfriend,
Yup. I always say the same thing. Imma be single when I'm done with you. I want to be single. No, really I do. Cause I'm just a regular girl, hunting down that big "I do". I think it could be you. I mean, well... I always do... But somewhere between hello and here the plan gets screwed. Anyway, I'm about to rap this gig up and I'm saying it again. I want to be single. I do. No, not single and mingling. Just single. Me, myself and I... y'know? Finding me...doing me...doing what I like. Cause I'm scared. Nah, not that I wont find Mr. Right or whatever he's calling himself these days. I'm scared that when I do find him, I'll just be a compilation of all you. Oh and.. marrying too young, yeah...that scares me too. Yup...that and copying you. I don't want that. I want to be authentic. I want my itunes to speak to who I am and not who we were when we went on those long drives. You never realise how much people influence you until you're sitting thinking of things you used to do. Then you ask what happened to that version of you. The not so serious one that wasnt afraid to look like a fool. The one that would never get a lame tattoo. The one who was a little wild and occasionally rude. Yea that version. It's all coming back to me now. Anyway what I'm trying to say is I know we're scheduled to do some hoop-dee-hoo but dear Mr. Next-Ex-Boyfriend, imma skip you. Instead, I'll go get ready and meet you for that big I do. Swing that 'x' to a '+' when I'm positive i can be true to you.
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