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hello polyvorians ♥

✿ this set was inspired by my fabby babe lauren, even though this does her sets no justice at all. i`ve never done a set inspired by her i just realised. ily lau.

✿ it`s been a while hasn't it? i've missed everyone so much, i`m sorry if i haven`t replied to your messages, most of you know why, with the stress of exams & this whole trip to ireland, i've barely had time to even turn on my laptop even though i've got it fixed now. 

✿ a shoutout to lauren, sorcha & chlo. [ @theinfinitewallflower & @summer23134 & @chloeadorable25 ] i`m sorry i haven`t been there for you guys & we haven`t talked much for like the past week i missed you & i have a little something planned for when i get back next monday. ilysm 

✿ yesterday i stayed at home & packed my suitcase, i`m excited to go but at the same time i`m going to miss my mum, i`ve never been away from her for longer than three days aha. but this trip is going to be fun. & it`ll be healthy for me to get away from my laptop even if it is only for eight days & seven nights. 

✿ i feel strangely happy & at peace with myself today, i can`t even explain why but i`m not going to try & understand why, i`m just going to make the most of it while it lasts. you all probably think i`m a bi-polar bxtch. actually i hope you don`t think of me like that. haha. i feel like i`m floating.

✿ for those of you who were wondering what to get me for christmas ask leah [ @love-132 ]. haha, she`ll tell you. 

✿ i`m going off to enjoy my sunday, i love you guys & even though i won`t be making any sets while i`m away i`m taking my ipad i will reply to messages. i need to get to bed early tonight, i need to be at the airport at 6:3Oam, feel bad for mama boo who has to wake up at 4am just drive me. 

have a lovely sunday, 
forever fangirling,
farrah xo / #itsqueenstyles
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