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Ji Hye’s POV

Finally a chance to relax with my newly made friends. It’s GaIn’s slumber party! We had lots of fun exchanging stories about ourselves.

“I really thought I wasn’t able to get a modeling job at Rising Star.”
“Really? Why?” The girls asked.
“I was in the middle of painting when they called me in for a little photoshoot. They wanted to see how well I was in front of the cameras... When I arrived, everyone kept looking at me and laughing like I had already done something wrong!”
“Oh no! What did you do?” Eun Mi asked.
“Nothing. I just played it off like there was nothing wrong. I was thinking they were just trying to scare me or something.”
“And then what happened?” Everyone was so curious.
“The makeup artist, with a silly grin on her face said, ‘Never have a seen a purple nosebleed before’.”
The girls and I started laughing already.
“I HAD PURPLE PAINT SMEARED UNDER MY NOSE!” I shouted and laughed some more. “It was soo embarrassing!”

Later we started a conversation about our idol boyfriends and how sweet and romantic they are. Lots of the girls had talked about their dates with their boyfriends while the only date I went on was at the boat trip everyone else was apart of! I can’t believe Key never bothered to spend more time with me!

“What’s wrong, Ji Hye?” Suzy saw my grumpy face.
“I only got to spend time with Key once....” I whined.
Hwa Rin gave me some gummy worms to comfort me.
“Aww, where did you go?.” GaIn asked.
“It was the boat trip..” I bit the end off of a gummy worm angrily.
“Ya. Go call Key right now and leave him an angry voicemail!” Jaeyeon insisted.
“Yeah! And tell him to quit flirting with my boyfriend!” Hyemi added.
“You know what? I WILL!” I grabbed my phone beside Mengmei’s dog and headed to the kitchen.

“Of course he wouldn’t answer..” I mumbled to myself. “Ya.. why does my phone smell like popcorn and dog food? Wait is this recording? Oh. YA! KIM KIBUM! Has it really been one date!? Are you embarrassed by me!? Am I not fun!? I’m at a slumber party right now and everyone has had nice things to say about their boyfriends. What can I say about the grumpy diva who doesn’t even answer his phone or spend time with his girlfriend!?!?”

I look behind me and see a couple of the girls snickering. After quickly exchanging a thumbs up I turned back to the call.

“What I’m trying to say is... this drunk Lady Gaga misses you. Please call me as soon as you can. And quit flirting with Jonghyun! Save that stuff for me! I love you, okay?” I hung up and smiled. That phone call was very satisfying.

After a long night of pillow fights, Secret Garden reenacting, dancing, and laughing. We all passed out in random places in the room.

Suddenly SHINee’s Kiss Kiss Kiss started playing loudly in my ear. It was my phone...
“Oh?” My voice sounded weird from just waking up.
“Ji Hye? Were you sleeping?” I was too tired to be happy to hear Key’s voice.
“Yeah..” I sat up from the floor and quickly noticed GaIn kicked me off the sofa!
“I got your voicemail.” He laughed.
“Hahaha.. did you like it?”
“Yes, I loved it. And I’m really sorry for being so busy. I miss you so much!”
“When can I see you?”
“Later this week? I promise it will be soon! I’ve been wanting to see you so badly.”
“Okay, okay. Just let me get my beauty sleep now.” I was so tired and I need to reclaim my spot on the sofa.
“I love you!” Key said cutely.
“I love you too!”

After hanging up I put my phone back on the floor and wiggled myself back in the sofa with GaIn. Finally I can say this was a good night.
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