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this fire | franz ferdinand

- Chantal Davis, 21
-Code/Nick Name: The ice bi.tch
-Bio: During high school, Chantal was a very popular girl. She used to hang out with the coolest people and was always the subject of the gossip. But one day, she suddenly changed. No one knows why, but she simply started to act like somebody else, a girl that doesn't care about nothing that everyone say, that thinks that men are disgusting and girls are stupid. She ended up being the freak of the school, no one wanted to be around her, it was unpleasant because she only talked about what she thinks, and that it is right. And it's nothing only in school, her parents started to get crazy with her ways and revolutionary attitudes, so, they sent her to Culver Creek, in hope to make her change. Chantal is into photography, she wants to become a known photographer someday. She is also very connected with the enviroment, she wants to be the next Bono Vox, she believes that if she were as pretty or as known as him, everyone would hear her, and not pretend that she is a crazy girl. Lili thinks she's always right and doesn't take anyone opinion, but how can she survive with no friends, beside the animals and the famous dead photographers in her mind?
Status: Single
-Model: Emma Stone. 
-Taken by: (500) days of nat

I couldn't believe my parents were sending me to this place. For all my life I wanted to be responsible for my own decisions, and I ended up being a twenty-year-old that the parents still control. 

I didn't argue with that in fact, I wasn't going to any other college so some more study would be nice. Although I want to be only a photographer, there is a lot of knowledge that I still don't have.

But, I knew that it will be the same as before. A lot of stupied people around me, people that only care about looks and fake attitudes. Not that I cared, but the fact the humand beings are basically all like that bothers me. 

For real, it makes me very pissed. How can everyone be so worried about popularity when bigger problems are going on right in front of our eyes?

I just wanted to know a way for make everyone notice the big mistake they're doing, open their eyes, you know? But I just can't, no one never listen to me, but if I was a girl with big bo.obs and wearing mini skirts, everyone would pay attention. Ugh.

I was going to change the world someday, it will come and hopefully soon. For now on, I just have to content myself with me being the only one with eyes open.

"Be nice, Chanty." My mom said to me before I left for school, in her too nice tone that was obviously fake. "And try to make new friends."

I rolled my eyes at her. I didn't want to be nice, I didn't want to make friends, I just wanted to live the rest of my miserable life as an young adult in peace. I used to think that being a teenager was hard, but it never ends. 

It's always the same fu.cking thing.

[sorry for this crappy and short story, I promise better ones :D]
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