This girl.

MIsha is my Main character in a book im soon are finished with.
-i have wroted on it in now 2 years.
Misha is a girl on 15 years old.
her mom and dad are rich and moved to canada because of a job her dad got.
she is the youngest on the new highschool shes starting in, because she started in school two years too early. she has never had many friends because of the age. she is a very talented girl, who knows how to be a good friend, royal over for friends. and maybe a bit naiv.
her mom and dad expect many high quality from her, she have to be good. not a bit good, much. she has to be the best, witch really annoys Misha. she just wanna be a girl who can have fun in her sparetime.
MIsha has blond short hair, she is really tiny, not just because of her age, but she is 1.52 hight.
then she have tried to go in what everyother on her age is wearing, but she cant cause of her parents who think she should go in dresses and look like a good girl.
she isnt.

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