Name ;; Lorelei "Lori" Shirogane
Age ;; 20
Hometown ;; Tokyo, Japan
Power ;; Siren song
Appearance ;; Eriko Nakao
Personality ;; Lori's not really a nice person. She can be extremely manipulative, not just supernaturally, and is completely comfortable with lying and cheating to get her way. She doesn't trust many people and is always searching for their weaknesses. All that makes her seem like she might be a cold hard b.itch, but she's really outgoing and fun-loving, kind of a party girl, and can be extremely cute when she wants to be. Just don't let that fool you.
Brief Bio ;; Lori was a rising star in the world pop scene, with her natural good looks and UN-natural sex appeal thanks to her superpowers. The audience can't help but love you when you're magically forcing them to, after all. Her story was marketed to the papers and press as a working-class girl's rise to fame and fortune, but what they don't know is that she and her partner in crime-slash-on and off lover, a mind controller named Ana, stole their way into their life of luxury and excess. But all good things must come to an end, and when GENESIS found out about her misuse of her powers, they gave her a choice: jail, or using her abilities to fight for them instead. And prison jumpsuits just weren't Lori's look, you know?
Secret ;; You mean other than the part where she slept her way into the pop music world? Well, not even GENESIS knows about her relationship with Ana. If they did, they'd trust her even less.
Ties to home ;; A string of exes and one night stands in the industry that she used to further her career; her ex-partner in villainy, Ana (Amber Heard.)
Born a superhuman.
Additional Information ;; Being recognized by people who follow Lori's music career can cause some trouble during missions. No, damn it, she doesn't have time to sign an autograph, there are villains to take down! (Although she's vain enough that she might stop to bask in her fans' love, regardless of any world-threatening danger that might be going on.)
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