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1: always post the rules
2: answer the questions the person who tagged you has written, and write 11 new ones
3: tag 11 ppl

1. have you ever gone to a black tie event and worn a gown?
does prom count lol

2. have you ever met a celebrity?
the dudes from interpol a few times

3. what do you want to take in school?
i'm all finished w/ school :)

4. favorite concert?

5. what do you put on your ice cream sundae?
i don't eat much ice cream

6. if you were cooking/baking what is your prized dish?
i don't cook very often

7. favorite accessory?
new wedge booties

8. what is your dream come true?
idk, the typical stuff i guess

9. 3 movies you really like:
videodrome, ed wood, lost highway

10. what is something you ask "what if" about a lot?
ppl i used to know

11. what's the craziest thing you've done or would do with your hair?
i dyed it pink a long time ago, but i don't do that anymore

1. what time do you wake up in the morning?
2. what was the last feeling you had?
3. where do you go to be alone?
4. what's your favorite thing in your bedroom?
5. describe your favorite pair of jeans:
6. tell us about a recent dream:
7. what is your astrological sign?
8. have you ever tried to put a spell on someone? if so, why?
9. which holiday has the best candy?
10. are you more often sad or happy?
11. what makes you feel nostalgic?

i tag, to answer those ^^ questions (if you want):
@mandamel @futureplans @lumoswhispers @zlataa @core @limpid @timeak @kateandjules @gamanana @kokafor934 @lovelyrita 

if you've already been tagged, or don't like tags, i apologize in advance; i just picked 11 ppl whose sets i really enjoy :)


Wrote two years ago
thanks for the tag! xoc

Wrote two years ago
this is so cool and chic, i love that dress.. <3 and thanks for the tag :)

Wrote two years ago

Wrote two years ago
Great set!!! Thanks so much for the tag!! I totally love to do them :D I don't eat ice cream either! Haha, I am not the only one! Traveling the world would be so much fun!

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