" the doors unlocked. i'll leave on the lights, baby you can crash my party anytime. "

crash my party - luke bryan

{ polyvore messed up my set -.- }

my name is troian and this is my first set ever on this account; i'd like to start off by telling you some things about me, if you don't mind. c: 

O1. i love country music. i love all types of music, but country music is my favorite genre. don't mind me if i make sets about hunter hayes and or luke bryan. c; 
O2. i'm an artsy person. by artsy, i mean i like reading books and or writing them. i also like to draw, even though i may not be the best at it. lastly, i like to edit videos and capture a few pictures once in a while too. 
O3. in all honesty, i'm a winter person. i love the cold weather and rain, but i don't mind summer either. i just prefer winter because of the hot chocolate and cuddling season. c: 
O4. i'm fascinated with old antiques and music. my grandma has this old radio and she plays it all the time with a bunch of old tunes, so i'm guessing that's how my "obsession" started. c:
O5. i'm quite a straight up person. if i have an opinion, i'm ready to say it. i don't care what people think about me or what my views are. they are mine, and i like to express myself. :p 

anyways, that's about it. as my part of the bio says, i am not good at talking about myself. if you have anymore questions or you just want to say hello, please message me. c: 

i think ash is sleeping or something. . . (we live in two completely different time zones. :p) i'm sure she'll make a set later. c: 

stealing tags bc i have no friends :c 

- troian ♡

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