of you & me,
And everything I used to be
Back then it meant something
But you're living a lie, you just can't hide from me

She said "I'd rather be in love than dead"
But now it's her, oh God now it's her
She's the type of girl who makes love... 
love that song. 

the maine, huh havent listen to them in awhile, 
i had their whole album on my ipod!
until someone lost my ipod.

so its like wth?

Maddie , he IS a jerkk :)
Katelyn prlly thinks so, LOL

jacob , do it and ill get 20 buckss:)

just do it :)
its not that hard.
ill give you half ?
LOL jk im not giving you any
& wow, why am i saying this when your not even gonna see this. LOL I FAILL.


Saw katy perry's firework live performance, it was ehh alrighttyyy:)


LOL im smelling my victoria secret lotion. it smells so like gooood.

goshh, its like sex in the nose ! :) LOL jus kiddingg mann. 


TODAY , hmm, woke up, showered, put a headband in, put some moisture riser on , then foundation, then lipgloss, then yeah listen to music, watch some makeup videos on youtube, then put songs on MY AUNTS ipod, ..not mine:( 
then i went to my aunts house, and tried doing my math homework, but i got side-tracked and read my book "CATCHING FIRE" OHH BABY is that book goood or what?:) LOL , then i got side-tracked from reading to listening to my aunts ipod:)
then i texted MADDIE:) haha my 7th grade best frann:) 
i havent texted "10 percent" 
arent you proud of me birdyy? 
anyways how was sections?
was your sister FAST !? LOL
birdy your so mean.
ME: arent you going to watch your sister at sections?

BIRDYY: ehh, swim meets are boring , & shes slow.

ME: BRIDGET that was mean , LOL

BIRDYY: well she is.

LOL art time is funn, but the teacher can be kinda not nice, am i right birdyy? LOL

anyways i love this band, 
and i want that shirt
i wanna go to their concert
and i have those shoes,
i just plain love this outfit.
wow taylor swift's new album is like a hit ! :) like all the songs are amazing:)

BLAHH, today was warmish ....WHY HASNT THE SNOW FALLEN YETT?? ;( 


WELL , i am sorta like tiredd.

but cant sleep haah bummer right?

what should i do now, hmm
watch videos on youtube? 
improve my singing skills,...lol no i suck at singing.
dance... no i have my red dot, thats gonna be so uncomfortable.
look at fashion trends.. 
butt hmmm what site?
i should make a wishlist for my parents? lol noo . my wishlist would be like 5 pages long, and thatll make me seem spoiled . and im not. 
should i change my personality? ... NO im never gonna do that! thats liike disgusting . 
should i be DIFFERENT? ..NOO thats even yuckkier. whoever doesnt like me now, well that suckss for you;) 
i should do my nails!...haha LIKE TOTALLY♥ 
no.. i should text skylar.. nahh shes prlly busy having funn with MY BIRDYY, and cheering on RED and MOLLYB at the swim meet. 

blahh blahh
im boredd..
im gonna read a story on polyvore those are always funn to read right?
NO thatll make me fall asleep.

anyways . im gonna stop talking/typing now.

i hate talking alot, it makes me like sound annoying. LOL

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