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So as always I have been thinking a lot about the future, who I want to be and who I am going to be. Also the ideas, along with getting married and having a future. I am going to push romance and friendship to the side. It is hard to find someone I really can trust anymore. That has always been my weakness, I trust and forgive to easily, I need to stand my ground. My secrets I will keep to myself, along with my ideas, I don't want them to get out. This is all because, I think I can't trust somebody anymore, and I have known them my whole life and they disappointed not only me, but a few other people too. I need to stand tall and just get on with my life. There are only so few people I can trust, cause so many people have faith in me. 

So I am thinking about my career. I want power and money, but not the evil way, only cause I want to live an easier and comftable life. So that means I need to start working hard at the things I care about and also the things I struggle with, like maths or science. As the old saying goes, you are only strong as your weakest link. I want to be flawless and perfection. I need to drop the "Oh well" attitude and become stronger and braver. 

I will still have my sense of kindness and heart, I just want to focus on me and my family. The world ends with you....I want to leave my mark in the world, if I were to die knowing that I have made a change on someone's life. Also I am working on my strong points: Writing and Drawing. I am not the greasiest but I am not the worst. I would one day love to have my very own book published. That is something I am going to do. 

So if I work hard I will get there!
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