So hey girls, I'm in NJ now visiting my parents (long story) and although I'm half an hour away from Manhattan, there's no car or money so... no fun for me :( 

Okie dokie so I miss everyone.

But I am trying to cope with 58 more days without everyone! Actually more like ... 58-14 so 48 more days! 

Did I do my math right?

Oh gosh that reminds me... I'm doing my AP Biology summer assignment.
And it's a loooooooong butt assignment. It's like... 5 chapters with work to do as well. AND IT'S ONLY 1 UNIT!! 
But I guess I take what I signed up for! :D

Soooooooooooooooooooo this set is pretty. I think.

See you all tomorrow, or even later today! I owe you guys like 10 sets for my absences.

Lubbbbbbbbb you <3

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