I made this set just to introduce my selft to you and say something about me, so... YES I've got those fabulous Zara's shoes and I use them everyday, I've go a BB, I use to wear those large and "barbons" top with skinny jeans and I use to sneak ou my brother's the leather jacket XD and I've always in my bag my Rayban's sunglasses.
I love to put my hair in a messy hair bun, even if my mother prefers me with a pony-tail.
 I'm in love with New York City with all my heart, I've got a "not-so-secret" celebrity crush on Zayn Malik; my favourite models are Miranda Kerr and Cara Delevingne that has got all my respect for her sense of style and humor.

So what don't you do a set to introduce your self too??
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