What made you choose your user name?

The reason why I chose my username, was because well actually tbh I didn't choose it, my friend Genesis @vintageinspirations-xo chose it for me. I liked it and kept it,,but the reason why I did was because I love forever 21, you can be pretty much who you want to be in there without people giving you dirty looks for trying on something that you know doesnt look good but you're just having fun or the stores attendants saying stuff like that doesn't fit right. And when you find something you like, it's like every person gets told thisll look great on you, that's what I noticed waiting in the line. The xo part is kisses and hugs, everybody likes those two things and if you tell me that you don't like to be kissed then that just because you haven't found 'your' perfect kisser yet, I say your because everybody different. To somebody else the person may kiss like a dog but to you they can be the best kisser in the world. When I talk to friends sometimes I put xx which means two things kiss kiss or I want to keep talking to you, I use it as both and when I put those they sometimes say things like I know that you really want to be my friend and stuff like that and it's very touching to hear that. 

Tell us about yourself:

About me, hmm well I'm 13, I was born and live here in Bermuda, I'm more of an outspoken person when it comes to my present life..but I don't talk about my past at all. I don't like that I can't talk about it, it's not that I don't want to its just that I can't without getting emotional. I only know that my best friend knows because she's the only one that I know wouldn't say anything here, because that's how deep it is. I haven't always been the 'popular' person but tbh I think right the reason why I am is because I'm nice to people and I would stick up for you no matter who you are..even if you've done something to me I'll forget about it for a couple minutes to tell that person off and if you still don't like me it's ok. :) no worries. I kinda have a problem with keeping my mouth closed when someone's being bullied and I end up getting into trouble because of it (which makes no friggin sense in hell to me) You guys may have seen my name in the thingie on my profile, it's pronounced toe may. :) My friends call me the relationship expert, I'm not a hoe because I haven't had sex. But I had many of boyfriends with many problems within the relationship, some of which we overcame and some we just moved on. If you ever need advice about a relationship, you can come to me. :) Dont think like oh I'm not going to get advice about love from a 13 year old, you don't know what this mind has been through ;) 

What is the purpose behind your page? 

My purpose behind my page is to inspire people to know that they can over come stress..Ive been depressed, I've been stressed out so much ive fainted, I've been on the verge of suicide but you know what, it all gets better. Just know that one bad day has two great ones around the corner. :* You are beautiful, you don't need makeup or not eating to prove that. I know how it feels to get all dressed up for something and put on make up and think like omg I look pretty with this on but tbh guys don't like when you wear makeup,and neither do I, guys want to see your true beauty. Lip stick/gloss is all you need. And if you want to put on a little blush it's ok too but don't go overboard and start looking like a doll. What happens if a guy falls in love with you with all that make up on and he doesn't like what you look like with it off because he's seen you so much with make up on?? What happens when the make up is expired and you have pimples on your face because of it?? You dont need it ladies. :* 

How would you describe your personal style? 

It pretty much depends on where I'm going. If I'm going out with my friends into town I would wear jeans, a shirt and converse pretty much. But for me I love dressing up do I have many items for me to wear going out. My formal wear style would include Jeffery Campbell (if I had them :( sadly they don't come in my size because my feet are too small, but I have to get them customly made XD ) a highlow skirt and a button up top. And to church I normally wear a pencil skirt, a tank top and a cardigan. I love the sweatop and leggings look :P and I'm in love with high buns :)

Who do you admire?

I admire @dreamfantasyfashion She has surported me this whole time and she has given me some great advice in to help myself, i feel that if I didn't have her I wouldn't be here right now and I probably wouldve stopped using polyvore because I didn't have inspiration to keep going, but now I do and I highly appreciate it. She's like my older sister that i wish I could've had and I love her. :) if you want to see true beauty check out her sets. <3 

Where would you like to be in a year from now on here? 

I want my sets to be on the front page of polyvore under top. :) that would be a great accomplishment. I also want to know that I've helped people all around the world throughout their struggles they've had in life. Ive had my own struggles but you know what, if you don't persevere and keep going, nothing will ever change. :*

Is there anything you would like to change about polyvore?

I would like people to stop judging. That's all I ask, you don't know me, you don't know what I've been through and your hate isn't helping at all. Thank you. 

Any last word for the community?

Just keep making sets, if you want to get better keep making them, that's what I did and more and more people started liking the way I do them. Also, I know I've said this before but PUT DOWN THE MAKE UP BRUSH. :* Youre amazing just the way you are- Bruno Mars 


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Wrote three years ago
I felt like I was then though. <3 But Thanxx @dreamfantasyfashion

Wrote three years ago
Haha, Fine you won. <3 You're so welcome!! And I think she meant it like it didn't have enough likes on my sets and she was telling me that it was nice to have likes..That's what I think. @dreamfantasyfashion

Wrote three years ago
I can hear youu!! Haha :D You are stunning really, I don't have to know what you look like to know that. :* For example, this girl commented on my sets "Set likes, it would be nice to get some." Like dafuq I don't even know who you are. And I had just put up that set the day before and it had like 12 likes. I was like is really serious..like no. And I don't even follow her and she doesn't follow me. So Bye. You're a basic. Lol, sorry for my ranting :P It's a newspaper :D haha <3 but that was a really funny guess xD @dreamfantasyfashion

Wrote three years ago
No absolutely not because of that!! but IM not PRETTY!! Not everyone on polyvore, some people are mean!! I was so shocked. haha ;) Whats black white and red all over?? :)

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