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Made for @janjoplin & @marija-lola-grujicic !! :) 
I really hope you like it,dearies and thank you for all your support!Love you! <3

-Well,today was the first day of school for me... I'm at the high school now! :D
I wake up at 6.45(Oh my God) and then I had my breakfast in 7 minutes... I put my clothes in 5 minutes and I put make up so quickly!!! I was in late but I could get the 7.20 bus! I arrived at school at 7.50!! I was so tired and the jeans..they were so fit!!! 
I was bored because we didn't do anything but I hope that next days will be more interesting!! 
And this evening I had my Provincial Championship of high jump.. I had 2nd medal.. I'm happy but a little bit sad too... !!! I'm very very tired!! I've done a lot of things today .... 
I hope you all like this!!Much love and goodnight!! <3<3
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