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ROLEPLAYERS AHOY, this is a free character for you to take, just credit me once in a while and it'll make my heart smile :) please don't edit her- you can choose another model to portray her though! 

Name: Georgia Ann Carr
Nickname/Alias*: Ann
Age: 20
Style*: Rocker-chic, outfits that look like they've been thrown together at the last minute. Combat boots, ray bans and print tees.
Bio: Georgia Ann is a girl who tries so hard to be a good daughter to her parents, but fails at it most of the time. she has always been quite wild, but ever since she moved out into her own loft (which her parents bought, of course) things have started to get a bit out of control, altough she doesn't want to admit it. she loves to party, she's almost a chain smoker and her attitude draws people in. that is why she is known for having the best parties in town- which start almost always accidentally.
Personality: Wild, always joking with her sarcastic sense of humour, talkative
Relationship: Single, guys love her attitude and wittyness so she's constantly hooking up with a new guy.
Trivia: she's a smoker but she's been trying to quit for a long time now. she started smoking to rebel against her parents, who are both doctors.



"oh god, not now" i thought as i reached to grab my phone from the nightstand next to my king-size bed. i opened my left eye in attempt to read the text i had just recieved. i could feel the hangover pounding against my skull. "I will NEVER drink again," i swore, as i clicked the text open.
"Hey ann. Thanks for the number, hope to see you soon. xx"
oh crap, what had i done last night? i pushed the covers aside and put on my slippers while brushing my hair with one hand. i was trying SO hard to remember what had happened, but i just couldn't. i walked across the room, to one of my loft's big windows and pushed the curtain enough to look at the view. It was one of the best features in the whole apartment. My head was still aching but seeing the whole city alive and very awake- unlike me- made me feel a whole lot better. 
Oh no, not again! Another text from someone i don't know, commenting on something i don't know about, was the last thing i needed. l just really wanted some coffee and painkillers.
"what a night! r u ok?" I sighed out loud and threw my phone on my bed as i took a look around my apartment and realized how filthy it looked like: what used to be my white sheets were now full of blue stains that looked a lot like something to do with alcohol, and my kitchen table was filled with empty beer cans. Making my way closer to the kitchen cupboard where i kept my painkillers, I quickly dialed my cleaner and she promised to come while i was out having breakfast. I quickly swallowed the pill and went to take a shower. i had made plans to meet one of my friends in the lobby and i wasn't planning on being late. feeling refreshed and less hungover i pulled a tee and shorts from my huge closet, grabbed my bag- still packed from last night, put on a pair of boots and started to make my way towards a hopefully more normal and calm day.
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