Film has inspired me from the dawn of my age. No, intrigued me. That's it. It clicked that what I was seeing was not real. The only time I can honestly enjoy a film is when I truyl believe the actor is tTHE character, like Brad Pitt in Benjamin Button. If I get lost in your preformance, you've sold me.
"Phyllis!" I call and the young blonde whips her head around.
"Yes," She tries to recall my name. "Zelda?"
"Yeah, that's me." I grin. "Any new scripts in the works?"
"I'm not giving you one of mine." Phyllis turns back around.
"I didn't want you to just give one to me." I roll my eyes and stop her. "I want you to write one for me."
"For you?" Phyllis seems a little caught off guard. 
"Yes. Please. I know it could be a hit. Better than the," I lower my voice. "The Shave. I see your talent. It obvious to me you could write another hit."
"I'll think about it." She looks hard at me. "But don't think you've won this easily."
"Oh, thanks so much!" I cry and then answer my buzzing Blackberry. 
"Hello?" I say coolly. "Zelda Molton speaking."
"Babe," a boy laughs. "It's Ed."
"Edward." I say coldy. "Did you get accepted?"
I couldn't stand to be with anyone less than my calibre of talent.
"Um, of course." He laughs again. "Thinking of dumping me if I didn't?"
"Yes." I giggle. "I'll meet you for drinks later. I think I maybe getting a new script on board for a new project."
"Oh, man. That's fantastic!" He says happily.
"We'll see. I have to go, darling." I look at my watch. "I'll see you tonight."
"Bye, love." He says and we hang up.

Maybe this will be the project to get me back from turning down the Oscar-winner. All will tell in time...
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Wrote 7 years ago

Wrote 7 years ago
gorg!!! love your sets!!!

Wrote 7 years ago
Hey Hope, hey Piperr!
xx, Z

Wrote 7 years ago
hey! im hope! nice to meet you! xo


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