❀Monday: Now that everyone has arrived and settled in, it's time for the semi-formal meet and greet which inaugurates every school year. A buffet dinner is going to be held in the Cafeteria, on the huge balcony with its stunning view on the ocean. With teachers and staff there, it's probably not going to be a wild night, but it's still a great chance to meet everyone, so wear a cute cocktail dress, your brightest smile and be there. 

I came out of the bathroom is a slim fitting gold dress, which totally complemented my skin tone, and soft make-up. 

"You look hot, chica!" Zoe, my roommate, complemented me, while slipping on a pair of heels. "But I look better," She added, with a wink.

"Bitchh!" I giggled, slipping my new Chanel lip-stick into my bag. After spritzing my body with (a lot of) Givenchy perfume, It smelled like a took a bath in it.

"Let's go, whoree." Zoe said, pulling me away from our mirror. We already got along great. She was a conceded diva, and well, so was I.


We entered the party, and it was already crowded to the brim. Teachers stood around making small talk, while drinking glasses of red wine, and nibbling on petite canelé's. Zoe needed to head to the rest-room again to fix her face, while I went to go find something to drink. Naturally, the bartender wouldn't serve me any alcohol, even though I tried slipping him 20 bucks. I settled on a Shirley Temple, it was my absolute favorite drink as a little girl. 

"Nice choice, the school always makes great Shirley Temples." A beautiful girl who looked like she fell out of an Alexander Wang fashion show said to me, casting me a light smile.

"Well, it's nice to know they can make something good without alcohol." I wrinkled my nose, craving a good glass of vodka. 

"I'm Melissa." She smiled, holding out a hand for a shake. I grinned, I've heard about this girl. She was friends with Dahlia, and Krissy.

"Cassandra. Pleasure." I shook her hand lightly. "So, any good guys who aren't already taken?" I asked her, spying the crowd.

"Who knows. I'm not really looking for a boyfriend." She shrugged her skinny shoulders, sending one strap of her vest to slide down her left arm. She struggled to pick it back up, fiddling with her clutch. She looked all around uncomfortable, holding that clutch. 

"I know, clutches can be a pain in the a*s, sometimes." I laughed heartily, as she smiled back.

"I'm not used to these!" Melissa shook her head.

"Overtime you'll get used to it." I smiled. "Well, I should go now, I'm craving some of those French deserts they're hiding in the corner. I'll see you around Melissa." I waved her goodbye, and she waved back.

Shortly after the staff called for dinner, and all the guys rushed over to stuff their mouths. I made my way over to them, shooting winks at every guy who looked my way.

I grabbed myself a plate, and piled on some of the melon they were offering. Melon is amazing, as simple as that.

After I put the spoon back down, a skinny arm reached down, and picked up the spoon, piling melon onto her plate as well. And who was this genius girl? I looked over at her, examining her. She looked poised, and smart. Like she was raised to pile melon on her plate.

"I'm Cassandra." I told her, giving her a meek smile.

"Nice to meet you! I'm Cynthia, but call me Cyn." She smiled lightly, putting the spoon down.

"I see you like melon." I laughed, rubbing my lip-glossed lips together.

"It's my favorite fruit," She laughed back.

"Mine as well! Looks like I found myself a melon friend." I smiled, putting a few slices of cucumbers on my plate. Cyn laughed, and told me that she'd catch me later, she was going to go find her roommate.

I breezily walked past the pasta and bread they were offering. No need to look like a fat-a*s. A tall gorgeous girl threw a glance at me, and then looked down at my plate.

"Anorexic, much?" She raised a brow. Oh no, this bitchh didn't! After a few cranks in my brain fit together, I knew she was Dahlia. The biggest bitchh at Bradshaw.

I looked her up and down. "Well, it looks like you could loose a couple of pounds, sweetie. Tight dresses only look good on thin girls, and I can see your stomach fat practically going to explode out of the dress." There.

Her mouth dropped open. I bet very few girls actually challenged Dahlia.

"You really don't know what you just started, anorexic bitchh!" She spat, turning around and stomping away on her heels.

I sighed. I shouldn't start things like these, especially when I didn't know many people. Maybe Dahila would forgive me in the future... well, probably not, but whatever. I /was/ still thinner than her.

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