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Name: Princesse Camille Arlette Josephine Grimaldi 

but you can call her Mia


Princess of: Monaco

Model: Julija Step.

Personality: Party girl, confident, funny, determined to get what she wants, can be your best friend or make your life he//, 

Style: Parisian chic, classic , hints of grunge, hints of art deco (aka sparkles)

Likes: Cigarettes, jewels, fashion, coffee, meeting new people, parties, boys, designers (Balenciaga, Alexander Wang, Givenchy, Celine, Marchesa)

Dislikes: when people insult her, hot chocolate, leggings, arrogant people, crocs, girly girls, people who can't take a joke, school, being preppy

{choose one only}
[x] Black or [ ] white?
[ ] Anna Wintour or [x] Karl Lagerfeld?
[x] Starbucks Coffee Company or [ ] Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt?
[x] Shopping or [ ] online shopping?
[x] Summer or [ ] Winter? (fall?)

Her father: Prince Alexandre Florent Grimaldi Lover of gambling, horse races, car races, betting of any sorts really. He is addicted to the thrill of it and does not let anyone get in his way while doing so. Other than this flaw, he is loving and compassionate. Mia prefers her father over her mother for his easy-going and kind spirit. He is the one to crack jokes and steal a smile in the most unlikely situations. He is highly popular among his subjects and loves to attend charity dinners and parades.

Her mother: Princesse Eleanor Genevieve Grimaldi
Mia's mother is in three words uptight, serious, and royal. She wears the crown in the family, as she handles all situations that arise with ease. Eleanor is the ultimate face of power and beauty sealed with a tight lip and up turned nose. She can come off cold and condescending. Mia and her often clash over her lack of a sense of humor and responsibility. 

Prince Leo Cristophe Grimaldi [deceased]
Mia’s older brother and best friend was killed in a tragic and brutal murder. The loss of this heir put all the pressure of being princesse that much greater on Mia.

Biography: Much to her parents' despair, Mia ended up being the antithesis of royalty. Maybe it was the billions of dollars they put in her name or the raging gambling or just the fact that they weren't very effective parents. Nonetheless, Princesse Camille Arlette Josephine Grimaldi is a handful to say the least. 
Born in her family's beautiful summer palace on the coast of Monaco, Mia had the upbringings to live the perfect life that her parents wanted. However, just one year earlier, Mia’s brother Prince Leo Cristophe Grimaldi was murdered. The case could never be solved and was never released to the public, but it was assumed that the criminal was part of a gang trying to overthrow the royals. Her distraught parents began to neglect her and naturally, as any teen would, Mia began to lose herself too. She’d sneak out and go to parties with her other royal friends at their mansions. She’d drink a bit too much, dance a bit too much, get too friendly. But, her parents could care less. 
It wasn’t until pictures of Mia partying were released into the press that her parents took swift action. Mia needed to be straightened out and sent to a private school. They chose Crown Academy. Good choice, mom and dad. But, I don’t think this high-life academy is going to help Mia’s partying problem. Will she turn around for good or just sink until she hits rock bottom?

Mia almost got arrested for substance abuse. She still drinks and does drugs. 

Her brother was murdered. 

Last summer, her parents sent her to visit her aunt in London, but instead, Mia went to New York City.

Collection/Storyboard: working on it!
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