Lady Lydia Carrington-Whitely, 23
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~Talk about your life before the King's Death. What was your childhood like? What was your schooling like? Who's your most important family member? Who do you look to for support?

I grew up alongside the royal family. It was divine, to be perfectly honest. As a part of royalty myself, I had the best schooling with private tutors up until college. Max, one of my nearest and dearest childhood friends, and I attended St. Andrews University together. As children, Max and I would play on the palace grounds, always eager to explore new parts of the castle we had never discovered before. My favorite place was the gardens. It was where I would meet up with my friends, namely Max, and we could just be. The gardens were like a different world to me. I also was an avid equestrian. I still dabble here and there, but when I was younger horses were my life. They were just so stately and regal, I knew that I had to be a part of the equine world. My parents were pretty involved in my life, especially my mum. She and I would spend Sunday mornings at the local market. She and her ladies maids would shop for groceries, while I wandered from stall to stall, looking for something to snack on. Though my family is rather close knit, I did not see much of my father in the early years. He was hard at work with the rest of the royals, trying to maintain diplomatic relations and doing all that other stuff lords do. My most important family member would have to be my mum however. She's such a strong woman--I've never even seen her shed a single tear. And she's always been there. She is my rock and now that she's been diagnosed with cancer, I can feel my life starting to crumble. 

~ What will happen to you now that the King is Dead?

I don't really know to be quite honest. I do know that the loss of King George has had a profound effect on Max, which directly affects me. I was not very close to the King but the handful of times I had come into contact with him, he had seemed like a delightful gentleman. He was always so happy and full of light. A lot like Max. Or at least a lot like how Max used to be. Now that the King is dead, I suppose Edward will take over the throne, my dad will become even more involved in palace politics, and my life will remain much the same. Save for my relationship with Max, which I'm not sure what will become of it. The death of the King has also put a giant strain on my parents' marriage and yes, it's true they have just gone through a messy divorce. Of course, all of that can't be blamed on the death of King George, but it certainly didn't help much. 

~What's a talent that you pride yourself for? What do you love to do?

Oh, well I'm not really one to boast but I must say I have a true affection for horses. I've been riding since I was four years old and my mare, Palmer, resides in the royal stables. I've been asked many a times to join the Olympic team for England but I've had to decline. I don't have time for frivolity. I have much more pressing issues, such as how I'm going to increase the rank, power, and influence of my family's name. That and a lady needs to be seen out and about in society. 

~What's something you don't like about yourself?
I find that sometimes I am too intelligent for my own good. Now, I don't mean to come off pompous, but sometimes I really do detest my brain. It often kicks into overdrive and I find myself making a big deal of nothing. Either that or my brain is trying to conjure up imaginary scenarios, hidden meanings, and double agendas. Sometimes, I feel like I need to downplay my intelligence because what boy would ever marry someone who seemingly knows everything. Although, I must say Max doesn't mind. But then again, with the King's death and all, I find myself questioning that relationship. 

~List a bunch of your favorite things, raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens etc. 
parties, champagne, Max, my closest friends, my family, my mum, horses, dancing, the finer things in life, diamonds, my royal status, my black Aston Martin

~List a bunch or your least favorite things, bee stings, rival football teams, etc. 
paparazzi, backstabbers, people with hidden agendas, uptight people, rules, not having money, unintelligence, Buffy-my security detail, kiwi 

~Where do you see yourself in five years? (Feel free to lengthen this out)

This is a hard one. Well, in five years I will be twenty eight years old. So by then, I hope to be married, settled, and be ready to start my own family. The groom, as of the foreseeable future, is unknown, but secretly I hope it will be Max. I will have a much higher status than simply Lady and will live in a palace, albeit smaller than the Royal Palace, of my own with my family. I will be a society woman, like my mother was, and the scandals and trouble-making of my past will no longer damage my reputation. I do hope to start my own royal clothing line as well, but that's only a trite dream. Perhaps, in five years however, that dream will become a reality. 

For the writer 
~Why do you want to be a part of KID?
I really am IN LOVE with the idea! I haven't been this excited to join a roleplay in so long! I just love the idea and think it is very unique and original. There is so much complexity to the story and the roleplay that I would love to play a part in it and see where it can take me. Plus @roses-are-roses is one of my poly friends and I could never turn down an opportunity to join her fantastic roleplay! :)

~Why did you choose your character
I feel that Lydia has a very complex storyline that I would love to flesh out. I have so many ideas regarding her family life, her social life, and of course her relationship with Max. She is a deep character with many levels and I would love to be able to portray all of them. She inspires me to write.

3. List your top three character choices
To be quite honest, I don't really feel that I connect with anyone as much as I do Lydia, so I hate to do this but no top three for me! Lydia is one, two, and three. :)
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