I was tagged by @surma
First tag:
- The set must be in black & white
- Include a song you always listen to
- Include an item you have been waiting to use (in my set it is the dress)
- Tag me so I can see your new set and then 6 of your lovely polyfriends.
Okay, so I failed in making it all black and white but I tried! The picture of the girl is the image I've been dying to use. 

Second tag:
1. Full name:
Lindsay Anne Something or other ;D
2. 3 fears:
Death, Snakes, failure.
3. 4 turn on's
Understanding, broad shoulders, good manners, kindness. 
4. 4 turn offs:
Rude, ignorance, immature, arragoant. 
5. My best friend
Uhm, my cat? and my friend Nicole, I've none her since I was 11. 
6. How tall I am
5"5 and a half. 
7. What time I was born
7:03 pm.
8. favourite colour
pink, red and light blue. 
9. Favourite quote
"Even the worse things have things to love in them,"-Cassie Ainsworth (Skins)
10. Favourite food:
I don't have one. I like trying out new things, but there are some I always like to return to.
11. What I am listening to right now:
12. eye colour:
13. Hair colour
brown. just brown. 
14. Favourite song
To Build a Home - The Cinematic Orchesta & You Can't Say no to me by Tiger Lou 
15. My nicknames:
Linny, Linds, Winnie etc 
16. Favourite animal:
Cat & octopi & narwhals
17. My favourite ice-cream
Mint chocolate chip 
18. Describe your first kiss:

I tag: @thesleepingfawn , @ghoulnextdoor , @ducktape , @whitekirin and @zoella
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