My Delightful Ducklings (23)
@jade-thirlwall-xoxo she is super sweet and has amazing sets!!
@polkadotssparklesbows the most specialist tag for a sparkling chica
@apore1998 She's kinda on the gorgeous side!
@iconicgirl416 \(^~^)/
@grm1006 <--this girl is AWESOME, nuff said :D
@onedirection98765 she has some pretty cute outfits in her sets!
@archeryfan101 <--amazingness right here!!
@silverzelinia very creative!
@caprigedana she's an original!
@mcfirish one to follow
@harrys-girl-123 love her outfits!
@redglassesgirl love her glasses!
@fashionablecloset you should follow her!
@derrickdirectioner is so very creative!!
@garfa wassup?!?!
@sheylar has such cute outfits :D
@nattypie is super amazing!!
@foodiejr love her style <3
@morganbuddy she's super nice!!!
@maceynoelle go follow her!!!!
@fabulousdirectioner I adore her style! 

My Purple Ice Cream Zebras! (115)
@allidemp @marcejb @nathaliasierracampos @lilmdogblue @evelin-399 @cookies-nd-cream @they-call-me-broken-ocean @capriglionedana @shelbyweeks
@victoria-tori @archeryfan101 @annarice @randerson2345 @vitoriamvasconcello @apore1998 @harrys-girl-123
@grm1006 @jade-thirlwall-xoxo @polkadotssparklesbows @iconicgirl416 @possum-clothing @silverzelenia @littlemix1dlove @give-me-love-xox @i-have-problems14 @aloha-elyse @franchescal @onedirection98766 @rougelips @heaven313 @mariahdenise @ijgirl @golden-state-of-mind @make-your-dreams-real @nevergrowupever @sydneyleannmiles @ashlix3 @asiancutie123 @filipina-luv @dyana-daniels @rock-my-heart @n-afsana @marielinalovespickels13 @juhh @love2act947 @ayat-cl @ilovejustinbieber123-1 @anichka-1 @theslaura @mcfirish @queen-4-giants @agepuppiesever @anacarreia @schneechen @tipsta-chicas-xo @redglassesgirl @bubbles683 @fashionablecloset @derrickdirectioner @thevoice-danielle-bradbury @the-imagine-girls @asap-love @isabellebringel @lukebrookswillalwaysbemine @sheylar @the-key-to-my-heart @bellajeffrey17189 @maddieprater @garfa @nattypie @thepinksta @foodiejr @rachellittle16 @super-hannah @albamonkey @stylegirl2014 @emmakitty-xxx @morganbuddy @crazytipsandicons-xoxo @mathgeek16 @anons2001 @booboo5678911 @bruninhac @peytonlist-anon1 @thetipsistaz @titan4ever @chinarussian @farahat @summer1d @directioner-mixer-foreva @harrystyles1117 @emilydanielle47 @naruto-liver @tips-and-more-tips @golden-state-of-mind @nakiaiya @xoxolaughxoxo @kaleigh-03 @silver-celeste @love-emily @maceynoelle @fabulousdirectioner @nia-lewis @hannah6900 @baileejean @emogirl2299 @lovemydogs81 @leandratrotman @fovedoritoslates @malinamarissa-overholt @sakuranova @catarinacolic @marina97l @jules103 @directionerybelieber-208 @candyheart46 @rainbowbrite-xox

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