name; "call me doctor."
age; old as time
history; travels through time and space in a blue box called the TARDIS. grew up on the planet gallifrey many many years ago long before the time wars took everything from him. now he travels around, the mad man with the blue box--he's always found himself on earth, travelling with fantastic human beings. but since the departure of amy pond and rory williams, he's been very lonely, the weight of his actions pulling on his shoulders.
bio; (idek, i'm working on it)
personality; wild and almost child-like in how frequently he is amazed; easily distracted with a severe case of wunderlust; however once he is angry, he becomes deadly; doesn't think things through but is smart enough to twist his way out of them
extra information; the last time lord, his tardis is broken and remains in its police box shape and is fond of bowties
model; matt smith

name; "jack. captain jack harkness."
age; old enough
history; born in the fifty-first century and raised with a loving family and close friends; but after an attack and the slaughter of his own family left to join the army; was captured and nearly executed; became a time agent and worked with a partner until he went rouge; continued to travel through time as a con artist and assumed the identity of the dead wwii american captain jack; met rose tyler and the doctor while he was running a scam in the london blitz; was on satellite five when the daleks launched their attack on earth and was killed; only to be resurrected by the bad wolf turning him immortal; joined up with torchwood three in cardiff during the year of eighteen-hundred-ninety-nine still under the harkness alias; he remained there until two-thousand-and-eight when he hopped onto the tardis as the doctor and martha when they traveled into the year 100,000,000,000,000; he then succeed in helping martha destroy the master's paradox machine; he then proceeded to continue to work with torchwood until the day the earth was stolen by the daleks where he went to fight alongside the doctor and his companions 
bio; (also idek? doesn't history cover this really? :\)
personality; flirty and charming jack is sexually liberated and likes boys, girls, and aliens alike; cold and hard when needed, he will always be a military man; he likes the idea of being an enigma and tries to come off as the 'mysterious time-traveller'; he likes jokes and treats everything with humour and a smile
extra information; immortal; has a vortex-manipulator that allows him to jump to-and-fro in time; currently the leader of torchwood one; the face of boe
model; john barrowmen

( @exceptionaly-ordinary i didn't know where the torchwood plot fell in so i just am going to assume this is after the dw s4 finale :)
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