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Blaze Sorrel (19)
Hometown: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Bands: Van Halen, The Clash, Metallica, friends with the Beastie Boys, Keith Richards and Duff McKagan
Likes: music, cocaine, rock ‘n’ roll, untamed hair, alcohol, thigh high socks, the life she lives, smoking, books, platforms, parties, denim and leather jackets, red nails, black coffee, stripped pants, sex sex sex
Dislikes: people that tell her what to do, country/pop music, prissy girls, her past, ignorance, airheads, conformity, chipped nail varnish, hypocrites
Personality: Blaze is a wild card. When you see her, you don’t know what side you’ll get. One side of Blaze – the more common one – is loud and untamed. The other is tough and, well, bitchy. She’s not bipolar, but it seems that way sometimes. When Blaze is in her element, you’ll get the best side of her. She’s welcoming and her sense of humor will draw anyone in. If she’s on an “off” day, though, it’s best to stay away. Far, far away.
Background: Blaze was born and raised in Melbourne, though, the term “raised” could be used very lightly. She didn’t have a normal childhood like all of her school friends did. Her mother was a drunk and her father was too involved in his work to care about anything little Blaze did. As a child, she immersed herself in her school work and was wise beyond her years when it came to her intellect. Though she was thought of as a book worm in school, when classes let out, Blaze shed her private school uniform, traded it for a bra, shorts, platform boots and her favorite leather jacket to hit the night scene. Hating the life she was stuck living, Blaze worked harder and harder at her studies. She finished her schooling by the time she was 16, packed her bags, stole a load of cash from her parents and took the first flight she could out of Melbourne and headed straight it America. It was 1981 and, being a huge fan of music, Blaze wanted to be immersed in the scene, so she found her place in Los Angeles. Somehow, she found herself gravitating towards the big bands on the scene and they seemed to have the same pull to her. Randy Rhoads was the person that Blaze credits to kick starting her life in LA. No more than a week after she landed in America, Blaze was the apple of Randy’s eye. The two were a controversial couple, to say the least – though no one knew Blaze’s exact age, they knew she was much younger than the guitar player. Their relationship didn’t last long due to Randy’s early and tragic death. Blaze shut herself off from everyone for a long time and Eddie Van Halen was the one to eventually pull her out of the rut she was in. She had become good friends with the men in Van Halen and found solace in them. By the time she turned 18, Blaze was seemingly back to her old self, but a tougher, older version. She would float around the scene, picking up different bands and making connections with just about everyone. Though her best friends are the Van Halen fellows, Blaze has gotten close with The Clash and Metallica as well as the guys in the Beastie Boys (who really know how to party), Keith Richards and Duff McKagan.
Current life: 1985 hasn’t been bad for Blaze yet. She’s most well known for being nothing short of best friends with the guys in Van Halen and Metallica, as well as the men in The Clash. Though she may live in a small and slightly ratty apartment, she rarely actually sleeps there, so she doesn’t mind too much. In fact, most of Blaze’s belongings are found in her friends’ houses. In order to fund her clothing and drugs needs and pay her miniscule rent, she works most days at Fredrick’s of Hollywood and some nights at the Troubador doing small jobs here and there. The only complication in Blaze’s life comes in the form of a man – David Lee Roth.
Model: Cara Delevingne


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Cool!! A character from Melbourne!! Like me!! Awesome collection!! x

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@abcdefuck I'm so beyond excited to start!

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Can't wait til I'm back and I start publishing YL events again :}

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@abcdefuck AHHHHHHH I'M GLAD!!

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