This is why I don't have to be fat.

I'm no expert but you know.
Remember that eating eggs in the morning is better than eating a bagel with cream cheese. Bagels are filled with calories, if you eat eggs and toast with jelly you're going to feel full for a lot longer so every time you find yourself in the kitchen however much later, ask yourself if you're actually hungry.
Italian bread is better than normal bread in my experience. Low fat all natural vanilla yogurt is one of my favorite things and it lowers stress hormones in the blood. Putting blueberries in it can help your memory, putting oranges in it can make you feel sunnier in from my perspective ha.
Leafy green lettuce also lowers stress levels and its light and isnt going to make you feel sloppy fat. Eating vinager based dressings is better than eating dressings like ranch and whatnot out of a bottle. I suggest trying ginger dressing too.
Drinking black/normal coffee is better than having a latte. Yeah sure they both taste good but chances are you're going to be less of a cow if you have the coffee. Unless we're talking some green tea latte, then screw the coffee man I'm definitely gonna go for the latte.
Unless you're constantly doing a workout everyday maybe twice a day, Id stay away from red meat. Keep it to chicken and turkey. Fish is even better, raw fish is even better. Eat sushi its filling and good for you, if you don't like sushi then I'm so sorry for your loss.
Green tea cleans out your system and it will make you feel better. Drinking tea in general is better than drinking other things like soda obviously. If its not loaded with sugar that is, I would try and get a really good tea so you really shouldnt require sugar in it. Even then, putting honey instead of sugar just sounds better doesn't it?
Eating pasta sounds bad but its something that you can control your portion of and feel more full with the smaller portion. If you're eating something else you're probably going to want to come back for more without a second thought.
I looked at a can of mixed vegetables the other day and it was a pretty big can. Like 6g of protein. I was like.................................................wut. So paying more attention all together can help a lot but don't over-do it. It'll give you a headache and nobody can focus on being healthier and not fat if they have a headache.
I dont even know, just random things.
~ Good things to know ~


Wrote three years ago
I'm always hungry, that's why I'm infinitely adding to this collection haha

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im getting hungry ahaha x

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I know right? I can barely look at it

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this looks freakin yummy


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