I think all in all I have a simple everyday style. So normally I’m wearing a jeans, a shirt/ blouse and a cardigan. To make it a little bit more special I chose jewellery or shoes, which are an eyecatcher. I have so many different kind of shoes and could buy so many more :D And the same for necklaces. For some special events I love dressing up a bit more, so a nice dress with stripes or flowers for birthdays and kind of these events. In addition I often wear leggings with a longer shirt/short dress. And in the summer I have hotpants in many different colours and a lot of tops with pattern, quotes on it, ruches, … So all in all I would say I do not have a very special style, more like normal everyone, although I like all the outfits I created on my polyvore, but I don’t wear them, because it doesn’t really represent me, I’m not that kind of super crazy and a lot of self confident. And I think that’s represented in my everyday style…
I chose this outfit, because it represents my casual style, which I’m wearing in school and on weekends, like every normal day without an event. I’m always wearing skinny jeans in blue, the blouse is simple, but classic and you can style a lot of different jackets to it. Therefore I chose the yellow cardigan, because I love colourful jackets to a simple shirt or in this case a simple blouse. I chose the shoes because just right now I’m in love with wedge sandals and they are also simple, but also elegant and you can wear them to a lot of different outfit. I think it’s obvious that I prefer simple pieces to be able to combine them in a lot of different ways and then I have some extra pieces. And I chose the jewellery because all in all I wanted the outfit to be a bit more elegant, so also a simple and beautiful necklace and I’m in love with this ring since I saw it on instagram. Yes that’s all, I think.
Oh I forgot the bag: I love orange, it’s my favourite colour, that’s the reason for the choice^^

P.S. I also put dresses in the set as example what kind of dresses I was talking about.
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