Noelle was sitting on her couch,sighing quietly.How was she supposed to tell him? They hadn't spoken in almost six months.Was she just supposed to come out and say,"Oh hey,Mike,I know you just got off of tour and all..but yeah,you're gonna be a dad." The red headed girl rubbed her temple and picked up her blackberry.On her open contacts menu,the highlighted name was Mike.Still had that ever so cliche heart a girl will put on her boyfriend's name on her phone.Her fingers shook as she typed out the message with nimble fingers,"Hey.We..um..we need to talk Mike.Now,it's important."
As she looked around the house that they had once shared all those months ago,her smile faltered into a frown.All the pictures of them in happier times had never been taken down.Noelle just didn't have the heart to do it.He had been her everything,and she was his everything in return.But it kinda just crashed and burned on them.
As her phone went off,she saw it was from Mike.A simple one letter word such as why.Ellie took a deep breath and texted back,"Mike,just get over here.." Her feet crept into the baby's nursery.The nursery full of Mommy and Daddy in happier times.Her daughter would be raised to know who her father was,and who her uncles were.

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