September 14, 2012

Song of the day: I'm Nobody - One Arm Train (I don't know if you guys remember, but I've mentioned this band, Memphis High, in a bunch of my sets before. Well, they recently changed their name, and it's now One Arm Train, and they published their first video under this name, and I just love it: The lyrics are so sweet, so you should check it out! And I absolutely love them and their originals and think they're incredibly talented songwriters and deserve more views, so seriously... GO CHECK THEM OUT!)

Anyways... time for une petite bloggie: 
1) Hey! How have all of your weeks been? Spectacular, I hope! I've had quite a busy week. My teachers are seriously loading me up on work. I can't even take it.
2) Anyhoo. So NYFW is over, I think. Unfortunately, I didn't have much time to pay attention to it this year, but I'm sure it was great. But who were all of your favorites? 
3) I wanted to say a BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO NIALLER! Woohoo! 
4) Speaking of Europeans... So there's this new French kid in my French class-- like, a kid who speaks FLUENT French thrown into the mix of us French wannabes with terrible American accents. Sounds intimidating, right? But, hey... I'm not gonna complain because the kid is gorgeous. And French. Did I mention that? ;) I drool every time I hear him speak. His voice sounds so pretty :P
5) Okay. Who else completely dropped their jaws when they found out that Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively got married... where "The Notebook" was shot?! I wanna get married where Noah and Allie's love story--aka the most romantic love story EVER--unfolded too! Also, it'd be nice to be as pretty as Blake... :D hehe
6) I'll really miss the nice, warm days, but can it be winter already? One, because that'll mean a couple of months of school are over and done with already :P Two, because my wardrobe is not equipped for these transition months! Fall, Spring... I don't do these seasons! I don't own tees. I don't own light, cotton-y long sleeves. I own tank-tops and knitted sweaters (that are too bulky to wear with shorts Alexa Chung-style). Nothing in between. So right now, I don't exactly look very stylish in school. Sometimes, I wish I wasn't so in tune with the fashion world so I could be oblivious and not always hate what I'm wearing #polygirlproblems
7) Alright. I'm hungry. Time for a snack, yeah? Yeah. I'll talk to you all soon! xx
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