the one and only jenn. that's her. look it uuuppppp. she always leaves the best comments evaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh. and i miss you dear friend. so i tried to recreate one of your old layout things and a bunch of stuff from the beach and a tswizzle song lyric thaaaanggggg and i'm not for positive if you like harry potter but to celebrate the last movie i had to put a deathly hallows necklace on. so yes enjoy this set. and jenn you are a wonderfully delicious person who also happens to be short. so short munchkin dwarf people of the world unite! and i hope you luuuuhhhvvvvvvvvveeee your set.

and yes my summer has been quite lovely and i don't want it to end. lots has happened. i got a new phone and sunburned my lips for example. and i'm leavin again for florida so see yaa lataaahhhhhhh. yeah bbye.
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