[It sucks but i needed to write something. I'm so far behind!] 

October 20th;
Clover Harper; 

"Does this look okay?" I asked standing in front of Shay. Tonight was the night i got to find out what my surprise was and honestly i was nervous as hell. I had already changed my dress three times and my room was a mess from all the other unwanted dresses, "Is it too much or not enough?" 

"It's neither." Shay said, "It's perfect the dress is perfect." She reassured, smiling. 

"Are you sure?" I asked again, turning towards the mirror. I had no idea where River was taking me all he told me was to dress up. Which to him those words could have meant anything. 

"Yes." Shay said firmly. Well, i knew better than to ask again. 

"Now what shoes to wear?" I questioned. I had only gotten as far as picking out a dress and now it was time for shoes and make up. This could take a while. I hope Shay was comfortable. 

"Those Burgundy Suede ones with the 5 inch heel." Bailey answered before Shay could, popping her head in the door frame. Where she came from i had no clue, "It will a pop of color." 

"I agree." Shay concluded.

Okay," I said walking over to my closet and searching for the pair of heels, "Ah! Here they are." I cried while stepping into them very carefully. 

"Perfect!" Shay and Bailey exclaimed in unison, smiling at the finished result of my outfit. 

"River's here." Scotland announced standing next to Bailey, poking her head in the room, "He's all dressed up. It's adorable." She smiled. 

I breathe a sigh of relief, hearing that made me feel so much better. I seriously thought he was going to show up in ripped jeans and a flannel shirt, "He's early. I haven't even done my make up!" 

Scotland laughed, "Calm down Clo, we'll keep him busy till your down." 

"Thank you!" I said pushing the three of them away, "I won't be long." I probably should have actually said i won't be too long but i'm sure the girls could entertain River for a couple of minutes or visa versa.

"Sorry." I said automatically once i entered the living room all made up ten minutes later, "I hope he didn't annoy you girls too much." 

"Nope." Shay smiled, popping the 'p', "You two crazy kids go have fun." She added ushering the both of us towards the front door. Did they all just find out my surprise?! What the hell! Not fair. 

"But not too much fun." Bailey added with a wink.

"You look beautiful." River whispered but either not low enough or the three had super sonic hearing because they awwed us while Scotland opened the front door for us, "Have a fun time!" They said unison with smiles on their faces and quickly shutting the door behind us. 

"Well, i guess they want us to have a good time." River laughed taking my hand into his, "You ready to go?" 

"Yes." I smiled, looking up at him as butterflies flew around in my stomach. Something was telling me tonight was going to be a good one, one i'd remember for a long time. 

- - - - 

"I can't believe you remember this place." I said in awe as River pulled into La Masseria. It was the first place he took me when we offically started dating. 

"I could never forget this place." He said confidently, leaning over to place a soft kiss on my lips, "I love you." 

I smiled into the kiss, "I love you too." 

"Let's go inside because this isn't your only surprise." River smiled. There was more? I was fine with just this. What more could there be? 

Walking into La Masseria the butterflies came back but this time they felt different. They made me feel nervous and not for a good reason, "Surpise!" I heard voices shouting at me. It was too dark to make out the faces but i had a pretty good idea who it was and i didn't know why they were all here. It wasn't like it was my birthday or a holiday. 

What was going on? 

[oh cliffhanger. mostly because i want a little drama between Clover and River. I feel like they're too perfect] 

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