I don't know if you can read the thing that says Here's to the Kids, but if you can read it... if not click on it and read it :) It is pretty awesome because it pretty much describes me (except for the tumblr thing)... 
So.. I am going to do and All About Me thing...
@kaitlyn-jean did this one... <3

1. Name: Mary
2. Middle Name: Grace (Ok.. so my parents named me Mary Grace, but wanted to call me Grace. I had no say in this. I love the name Mary so please don't be offended like every Mary that finds this out and asks me why I don't like their name!)
3. State: Texas
4. Place of Birth: Austin, Texas (don't live there anymore)
5 Male or Female: Female
6. Hometown: Dallas... please don't stalk me...
7. Bus: Nope! My school doesn't have a bus..
8. School: NOT TELLING YOU THE NAME.. going to be a F R E S H M A N
9. Occupation: Student and this summer I am going to work at an art camp :)
10. Initials: MGG
11. Screen Name: gracestyles

.. Your Appearance ..
12. Hair Color: Brown with red and gold natural highlights :)
13. Hair Length: almost to my belly button :)
14. Eye color: Brown
15. Best Feature: hmmmm. either eyes or legs? 
16. Weight: 120 lbs
17. Braces?: yes... :(
18. Glasses?: Nope
19. Freckles?: Nope
20. Diploma?: I get it in 2016 :D

. : Your Firsts : .
21. First kiss: Does when I was 4 count? then no
22. First best friends: Allie, Chase, Harrison, Delaney, Lauren, Jessie, Audrey,
23. First Award: Kindergarten! :) (first i can remember) Basically one goes to the best girl in the grade and the best boy in the grade :) Called the Panther Paw award
24. First Sport You Joined: Soccer
25. First thing you did today: Woke up lol... then checked my email
26. First Real vacation: Disney World when I was 4
27. First thing you said today: hi
28. First Love: i have only had crushes...
. : Favorites : .
29. Movie: the Devil Wears Prada, Prom (so cute!), My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Get Smart, Zoolander, Jack and Jill... :) LEGALLY BLONDE!!! Mean Girls
30. TV Show: What Not to Wear, Modern Family, Glee, Fashion Star
31. Color: Lavender or lime green :)
32. Rapper: Drake
33. Place to get groceries: Whole Foods, Central Market, Tom Thumb 
34. Food: Pizza, Pasta, idk... GRAPES
35. Season: Summer
36. Candy: M&M's
37. Sports: I love to watch football... I don't play sports, but volleyball was fun :) I am going to start rowing

38. Restaurant: Fernachi
39. Friend: Jessie <3
40. Store: J Crew, American Eagle, Hollister, BP, Milk and Honey
41. School Subject: World Religions
42. Animal: p i g
43. Book: the Hunger Games series, PLL, the Uglies series, the Fault in Our Stars (READ IT!), the Peaches series, ENDERS GAME!
44. Magazine: Seventeen, Teen Vogue :)

Currently : 
45.Doing before you started this survey: Running errands with my mom
46. Feeling: happy :-)
47. Wearing: Mint green t shirt, white jeans, Rainbow flip flops
48. Crying about: My friends dad died two days ago, but I am not crying right now :( 

49. Eating : nada
50. Drinking: nada
51. Dreaming: day dreaming, but not dreaming...

52. Typing: answers to le survey haha
53. Listening To: nothing because MY HEADPHONE BROKE! and i hate the apple ones because they fall out of my ears :(

54. Thinking about: One Direction <3
55. Wanting: the Evette shirt from Abercrombie and One Direction tickets for next year :)
56. Watching: The laptop screen... yup
. : Future : .
57. Where do you see yourself in 5 years:
I will be a freshman in college

58. Kids: 3: 2 boys and 1 girl
59. Want to be Married: yes :) after college
60. Career in Mind: Magazine Editor or Personal Stylist
. : Which is Better with the Opposite Sex :
61. Sport: Football, Lacrosse, Soccer
62. Shirt: nothing too tight or too baggy... 
63. Hair color: Brown or Blonde.. I don't like red or black
64. Hair length: Liam Payne's hair length :)
65. Eye color: Blue or Green are pretty, but brown is too
66. Measurements: Taller than me... skinny, but muscular
67. Cute or sexy: Cute :)
68. Lips or Eyes: Both
69. Hugs or Kisses: Both
70. Short or Tall: Taller than me
71. Easygoing or serious: Easygoing, but knows when to be serious
72. Romantic or Spontaneous: both :)
73. Good or Bad: depends...
74. Sensitive or Loud: quiet like me, but able to carry on a conversation... :)
75. Hook-up or Relationship: Relationship
76. Harley or Crotch Rocket: ???? dafuq!?
77. Two or One: two... if it think this is what it means...
. : Have You Ever : .
78. Kissed a STRANGER: nope
79. Had major surgery: no

80. Gone commando: ew no
81. Ran Away From Home: no
82. Broken a bone: no
83. Got an X-ray: yeah.. for my chest 
84. Been on a cruise: no
85. Broken Someone’s Heart: idk... i think so...
86. Dumped someone: no
87. Cried When Someone Died: yes!
88. Cried At School: Yes... when I was little
: Do You Believe In :
89. God: Yes
90. Miracles: Yes
91. Love at First Sight: Yes

92. Ghosts: No
93. Aliens: Yes
94. Soul Mates: Yes
95. Heaven: Yes
96. Hell: Yes
97. Answered prayers: Yes
98. Kissing on The First Date: depends.. 
99. Horoscopes: i look at them :)
100. Is there someone you wish you had: Yes, but he doesn't know I exist... 

That was fun <3
XO, Grace

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