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Hope you like it(: That's probably one of my favorite Hello Hollywood songs. Anyways, this is for Battle of the Cool Kids-I chose to use the 'summer' picture. To me, summer is all about bright colours and the beach! I used colourful pictures, shorts, seashells and sand.

And this set is dedicated to i eαt music for breαkfαst.☮ (aka Vanessa!). You have been such a great friend to me on Polyvore. Thanks for answering my lame messages(: <-- Chloe's rainbow set

Why is everyone making, "Can this set get to ___ faves by ___, 2011" sets? It's lame and just an attention grabber. No one cares people. And I had someone actually PM me saying, "If you fave atleast 3 of my sets I'll fave atleast 10 of yours." Um, no.
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