tagged by some wonderful polyfriends in their lovely sets for the 'this or that' quiz:
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So here is a challenge, "This or That?" for you all, answer the 20 fashion-related questions below truthfully so we can know more about your sense of style and your preferences!

1) Capes or trench coats? trench coats
2) Heels or boots? - boots
3) Stripes or animal prints? stripes
4) Handbags or clutches? handbags
5) Sleeveless tops or blouses? blouses
6) Cardigans or jackets? cardigans
7) Belts or scarves? scarves
8) Dresses or top+skirts? dresses
9) Trousers/pants or skirts? pants
10) Nerd glasses or sunglasses? as long as i see probably both are good
11) Lip gloss or lipstick? lip balm
12) Mascara or fake lashes? mascara, though preferably neither
13) Eye liner or eye shadow? eye liner, though again only occasionally 
14) Hair tied up or hair down? hair up, the weather's getting hot over here
15) Buns or plaits? buns at the moment, plaits when my hair grows long enough :)
16) Gold or silver? - gold.
17) Neon colors or pale colors? pale colours for sure
18) Black or white? black
19) Purple or red? purple
20) No fashion or die? no fashion, because style doesn't change right? :)

i know i'm supposed to tag people, but i think many of you have already been tagged for this one, so an open tag if you haven't done this yet :)
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