Ok so here's a this or that quiz I got from @forever21-xo and @stormy-russell


blush or bronzer:- bronzer
lip gloss or lipstick:- Lipgloss 
eye liner or mascara:- Mascara 
foundation or concealer:- Concealer
neutral or color eye shadow:- Both
pressed or loose eye shadows:- I don't really care 
brushes or sponges:- Brushes

OPI or china glaze:- China Glaze
Long or short:- Long, but not extremely long
Acrylic or natural:- Acrylic
Brights or darks:- Brights
Flower or no flower:- I like both so I don't care

If you want to do this tag, tag 15 of your favorite people, including myself and @stormy-russell


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