Elisha Kelley 06.15.10

I jumped out at the sound of Carr's shriek. 
"Carr." I tried to say but it was mumbled.
"Sorry Lishe, just go back to sleep."
"You sure...." But I was back to sleep already.

I was awake later when I heard her whisper to Parker on the phone and then leave. I sat up, fully awake afterward. I had this feeling when Felix and I helped hold Parker back yesterday that she was going to be worried. It wasn't news to me of Parker's hatred for Craig. But then again it wasn't news to me that Felix and him were good friends. They had been roommates together last year. This fact scared me. Craig knew things that I wasn't ready for Felix to know yet. 
I pulled my knees up under my chin and grabbed my lap top off my desk next to my bed. 
I opened it and saw an email. It was to everyone, from Craig. I felt sick after reading it. I opened up a new email and began typing...

After my first class in the morning which was psychology. I always went to the coffee shop and sat on the patio. I put my earphones of my iPod in and drank my caramel mocha. I opened up my textbook and began reading. I sipped away enjoying the sun shining down on me. 
All the sudden I heard HIS laugh. I looked up through the window to see Craig walk in. He had probably just made at least five girls' days. Because after two minutes he was already in a conversation with all of them. 
I pulled my hat down over my face and turned up my music. 
"Elisha? Lishe?" 
Oh please don't let it be Craig. Please Please Please. 
I looked up to see Felix staring down at me. 
"Sorry I didn't realize it was you. Your hair was up and your hat was covering that beautiful face." He leaned over and kissed me on the cheek.
"It's okay. I was studying...and obviously music." I apologetically smiled.
"Wanna join me?" I asked.
"I would but I'm having lunch with Craig." He pointed back to Craig who was currently texting someone.
I slowly nodded. 
"Lishe, what's a matter. Yesterday and today you've been acting weird." He sat down in the chair. It was nice to know I was more important to him than Craig.
"Um, just, um, stress." I smiled.
"You'll always be the Brain around here." He kissed me on the cheek again and said good-bye and walked away.
I couldn't tell him. But he gave me confidence. I wasn't going to let Craig run my life. Especially after what I saw Carr going through. 
"This time baby I'll be bulletproof." I said as I gathered my stuff and walked away.
La Roux knew what they were saying there.
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