I've never seen anyone do anything like this. Yay for originality. 

So in 6th grade, I just started middle school, made a best friend (lexi) who wore all hollister & abercrombie and crap. Sooo I was like holy eff I wanna fit in. So basically I started wearing hollister & abercrombie & uggs everyday because I wanted to fit in. And I did. I wasn't original at all. No offense if you wear this stuff.

7th grade: Basically half wayish through the year I was like why the eff do I wear this? For Christmas I asked for a bunch of stuff from Forever 21. And I still wore uggs and hollister & abercrombie, but not as much. And I started wearing stuff that not everyone owned.

8th grade (this year): I really don't give a crap if people like my outfit or not. If I wear it that means I like it, so I wear it for myself. I really am into high waisted skirts this year. I stay away from abercrombie & hollister basically everyday, but I still have a crap load of clothes from there. I sold the stupid tshirts & sweatshirts that only said hollister across it though. (no offense if you wear that stuff, this is my opinion) If I do happen to wear a shirt from there (I did the other day) I don't wear it with uggs & all the other crap. I wore the shirt from hollister, a black cami, some jeans and my vans(<3). I love my vans. I wear them a lot. So ummm I don't really know what else to say. 

This was actually fun. I'm laughing at myself in my head thinking of my 6th grade year. 

If you wanna do this, you can. I have no clue if I'm the first to do this or not... so uhh bye. (:
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