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Question & Answer:

1) Who was your very first Kpop bias?
>> Singer: Kyuhyun, Actor: Kim Hyun Joong

2) How did you start liking Kpop?
>> I love listening to Jpop and understand Japanese, so Korean performers singing in Japanese and making MVs first hooked me!

3) If you could be an Idol, what agency would you want to be under?
>> The same one as Miss A’s Suzy Bae. I see her everywhere singing, acting, and modeling, She has a wonderful career - the managers are taking good care of her I think.

4) What type (concept) of Kpop idol would you be (ex: sexy, harsh, ghetto, etc)?
>> Suzy Bae type. Sweet and cute, but she seems to be very smart and funny too.

5) If you went to Korea, what would be the number 1 thing on your list to do?
>> Go back to Namsan Tower with my sweetie (and put a lock there), then ride the tram down to the city. I actually went on a date with a Korean guy once and he took me on that sky tram at night. Omo it was so cool!

6) What Kpop idol do you look up the most to as inspiration and why?
>> Kyuhyun, He is a very gifted singer, but he openly cares about his family. Sure he is known as the Evil Maknae but also I think he is humble, smart and energetic. Also he is not afraid to try new things such as live musical plays and solos.

7) If you could be an idol's Noona or Unnie, who would it be? 
>>Kim MyungSoo!

8) Girl groups or Boy groups? >>Boy groups!

9) How much time you spend a week on average on Polyvore? >>Scary thought! It is so much fun, maybe I spend an hour or two per day. But I am not on Facebook - PV might be my favorite social media.

10) What is the most awkward thing about Kpop (specific event, in general, you choose)
>> Awkward? When an idol gets a role on a KDrama and he/she is still learning how to act, or just isn’t a natural actor, so he/she doesn’t do so well. I still cheer for them though, because they try so hard to accept a new challenge.

11) Who is your current bias?
>> How can I name just one?!? Baekhyun, Kim MyungSoo, Kim Junsu, Micky Yoochun, Kyuhyun, Yoona, YongHwa, I could list more...LOL

My Questions/
1- What are your favorite Polyvore Groups?
2 - Which K drama would you like to star in?
3- Who or what is on your computer screen saver now?
4 – If you go to Seoul, where will you go first: Restaurant, department store, Samsung phone shop, street tent diner or a nightclub? 
5 – What Kpop bias used to be your #1 and who is your #1 now?
6 – What is your nickname?
7 – If you could go to a concert rehearsal which singer or group would you like to watch practice?
8 – What kind of sneakers do you have? Flat, high tops, wedge sneakers or another type? 
9 - When you turn off all the electronic devices around you, what hobby or sport do you like?
10 – What is your favorite thing to do on vacation?
11 – How organized is your closet or room right now? Perfectly in order, lived in or messy disaster? 

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