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Confession; this is the first Hannah story besides the intro I wrote. just sharing this because but my school ball/prom is tomorrow! Excitement! Tagging @vicks because I promised I would and I used Jess. Also tagging @nifty-nikki I'll start using other people soon. Promise!

Hannah Darval; Kids vs Cancer Gala

“Steane Taylor are you not going to shave?” I asked him, eyebrow cocked as I noticed him leaning against the door frame in the closet mirror.

“No point.” He shrugged nonchalantly, watching me struggle with the zip on my dress.

I sighed at that, because I’d had to have my hair and make-up done and wear a gown and everything and he’d probably chucked on a suit 20 minute ago. Not fair. I didn’t voice any of these complaint though, because that would just lead to teasing which I really hated. “You could help me zip up instead,” I said instead giving up on being able to do it myself, “instead of just watching.”

“I could,” He agreed casually, “but where’s the fun in that?” He asked teasingly. 

“Just zip me up.” I rolled my eyes, sure he could see them in the mirror.

“I don’t want to,” he said as he pushed himself off from the wall and made his way towards me. He stopped directly behind me, running his eyes up and down the length of my body via the reflection. I shivered at that, just the look in his eyes which caused him to smirk. Cocky idiot. 

“Just do it.” I said, and I’m ashamed to admit maybe I was slightly breathless. Just from a look! After 2 years how pathetic was I?

“Gladly.” He leered, somehow managing to pack heaps of innuendo into the single word as he ran his fingers down my spine before he pulled the zipper up agonisingly slowly, making sure his fingers brushed my back in the process.

“That’s not playing nice.” I whispered, turning around to face him.

“Good thing I’m not nice.” He smiled down at me, still taller despite the high heels on my sandals.

“Shut up you,” I smiled, hitting him gently on the chest, “And stop trying to seduce me.” I added warningly, though the giggle that followed it probably ruined the effect.

“Who me?” He asked playing clueless at the same time he was running his hands up and down my arms.

“Don’t play dumb with my Mr.” I placed my hands over his, stoping them in their motions, “this dress is expensive, please don’t ruin it.”

“I would never.” He muttered cheekily before leaning down to kiss me, backing me into the mirrored closet.

“Stop.” I managed to mummer when he finally broke away, though not convincingly, “Later. We need to go!”

“Later?” He questioned, stepping back, “Promise?”

“Yes I promise.” I laughed, stepping forward to grab my clutch and shoes, “Now hurry up. Let’s go!” I laughed again, grabbing his hand and all but running out my bedroom. Well as much as one could run in a gown.

“I see absence really has made the heart grow fonder.” Jess teased me with a grin. We were standing off away from the throws of people, taking a breather and talking. Well we had been talking about her and her ‘relationships’ but apparently she was not so subtly changing the subject to my relationship. Whatever, I had nothing to hide.

“Not fonder, per say.” I admitted, sipping form the champagne glass I technically wasn’t even meant to have. Underage drinking was my favourite part of Hollywood, “More like appreciating what you have.” I shrugged, realising how cliche and crappy that sounded.

“Isn’t that cute?” She continued to tease. She just clearly didn’t understand. Which I told her. I just got laughter in response.

“Laughing at me isn’t cute.” I pouted, scanning the crowds of people for site of Steane. I was personally getting bored and tired and wanted to go home. If I promised him that later he’d probably come willingly.

“I’m not laughing at you.” Jess reassured but it really didn’t sound convincing in the slightest, “But I think maybe you might have a problem,” she added completely serious now.

“Why? What?” I asked, craning my neck to try and see what she was staring at.

“You’re man is causing a bit of a scene.” She said, pointing towards the bar where sure enough Steane was. Well great, I wasn’t buzzed enough for this and there were paparazzi her. He did not need this scene. 

“I’ll sort this.” I rolled my eyes, single mindedly, Jess trailing behind me probably to look out for me. I’d be fine though, things were different now.

“Steane baby,” I said when I was reached him, just as he was starting to draw attention to himself, “I think you’ve had enough.” I said sweetly, reaching up to take the drink off him. I just wanted to go home.

“No,” he snapped at me, violently pulling his arm away from me and dropping the glass in the process spilling glass and alcohol all over the floor. I was lucky it didn’t get on the dress or Dean might very well kill me.

I stared open mouthed at him, eyes floating between the broken mess and Steane’s face. Upon closer inspection he wasn’t just buzzed he was pretty much drunk - which meant once upon a time I’d have had no way of navigating this situation. With our new relationship I was confident I could do it though, “Babe, please.” I pouted at him, big eyes and everything, “I just want to go home.”

“No, I don’t want to.” I slurred slightly. To everyone else he probably didn’t seem that drunk - tipsy maybe - but I knew him and this was the level that he only reached when he was most angry or depressed, which made me wonder what he wasn’t telling me.

I leant forward, and stood on my tiptoes to whisper in his ear “But it’s later now.” As suggestively as I could. Which wasn’t very, but usually it seemed to work on him.

Not tonight apparently because he just looked at me in confusion, “Later than what?” He asked before shrugging, “I don’t care. Let me stay and drink.”

“No Steane.” I said confidently and levelly, trying not to yell or scream or cause a scene, even though it was my first instinct, “It’s time to go.”

“Stop telling me what to do.” He snapped, drawing a few eyes - though thankfully no photographers yet - towards us, “You’re not my fucking mother so drop the holier than me attitude.”

“Steane, you’re being ridiculous, I just want to go home.” I whined instead of yelling, Maybe I really had gained some maturity though he clearly hadn’t.

“Then leave. See if I care.” He snapped which caused tears to well up in my eyes - he was being so mean!

“Baby,” I said, stepping forward to place my hand gently on his arm. This was not going well.

“Fuck off.” He growled, violently yanking his arm away from me, causing me to loose my balance and stumble back. I would have fallen if Jess wasn’t there to steady me, and that’s how involved I’d been in my argument, that I hadn’t even noticed she was right there.

“Steane…” I said quietly, trying not to cry - trying to understand.

“No go home.” He stepped towards me, threateningly, “Or don’t. I don’t care just leave me the hell alone.” I would have yelled back, screamed, slapped him or something except I was aware of where we were and I was so tired of the fighting. It wasn’t meant to be this hard.

I spun on my heel then, blindly pushing through people to get out. I couldn’t see and I couldn’t breathe. Though I was pretty sure Jess was following me.

I found some dark corner near the back and had to brace myself against the wall to stop from falling over. I was just so fucking drained from everything. The tour, and my relationship and Hollywood and my family and my agent and everything. Uncle Shane was right, I wasn’t ready for this.

I was broken out of my thoughts when Jess was suddenly in front of me,“Hannah?” she placed a gentle hand on my arm, concerned look on her face.

“I’m just going to go.” I chocked, out angrily swiping the tears from my eyes. I was doing the right thing but “I really thought things would be different now.” I added in a whisper.

“Oh honey.” She wrapped her arms around me in a quick hug which I allowed briefly before stepping away.

“Stupid me huh?” I smiled through my tears. She shot me a sympathetic look but I just shook my head, “can you maybe tell Samantha we might need damage control?” I asked.

“Of course.” She nodded as I stepped away, “try leaving out the back way,” she offered, “Don’t want to cause a scene.”

“Thanks, but I’m used to it.” I smiled bitterly before walking away from her. I knew I was being rude but hopefully Jess would know I didn’t mean it.

It was only once I was safely home, hopefully having avoided the paparazzi that I through myself on my bed and let the tears come. Hysterically sobbing I couldn’t even bring myself to care I was probably ruining the dress. All I could think was that there would be no later tonight. Or most likely ever.
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Wrote 4 years ago
[Such a good story!]

Wrote 4 years ago
[awwwwww I liked the first part and then the second part was sad oh dear]
You left early, without your man? Interesting.
xx Cat

Wrote 4 years ago

Wrote 4 years ago
Good thing I wasn't there. Your husband is a dog. -,-
- Ana



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