+ Olivia Fitzgerald
Age: 22
Occupation: Socialite
Likes: Scandalous behavior, fancy clothes, books, jewelry, parties, shoes, red, velvet, John Hudson
Dislikes: Silence, depression, serious people, John Hudson, being lonely, grey
Bio: Olivia's father has her life planned. She has to get married at 23, have two kids by 25 and be a housewife. He arranged her engagement to his coworker, Linus McCormick, but what he doesn't know is that Olivia is already in a relationship with the famous actor John Hudson. The two of them find themselves attracted to each other, but at the same time they aren't ready to commit to a relationship, so where does that leave them? She doesn't really know.
Relationship status: In a stormy relationship with John Hudson (Marlon Brando), engaged to Linus McCormick (Gregory Peck)
Model: Grace Kelly

+ James Fitzgerald Sr.
James Sr. is the image of perfection: perfect career, perfect family and one of the most influential men of his generation. James is afraid that his family isn’t holding as well as he thought, and slowly, people from the outside can see the cracks. The Fitzgerald ball is just one of his side projects to boost up the family image. While he has the perfect professional life, his personal life is lacking and he finds himself dissatisfied with the so-demanding wife of his, Valentina.
Model: Woody Allen

+ Valentina Fitzgerald
Valentina is the ultimate femme-fatale: the object of every man’s desire. A woman that couldn’t be tamed back in her days, she decided to settle down with the boy of her dreams once she moved from a small town into the big city. She would never agree that James Fitzgerald Sr. made her the woman she is now, but she’ll acknowledge that he had something to do with the luxurious wardrobe she has these days. Truth is, Valentina is back to her old ways, and while James doesn’t satisfy her as a man, she’s with him for the money. It also doesn’t hurt that she’s hooking up with her attractive bodyguard.
Model: Mae West

+ James Fitzgerald Jr.
The one that causes trouble for his family, James is not one to shy away from bets and all sorts of illegal activities. After all, he got discharged from the Navy and it wasn’t because he got hurt in battle… Everyone tends to avoid him and he does the same, choosing to spend most of his time with the ladies. James Jr. loves his baby sister, but he knows that she prefers having a perfect brother like Peter, so why even try? Instead, he focuses his attention on other important matters, such as stealing the attention at the upcoming ball and hooking up with half the house staff.
Model: Buddy Holly

+ Peter Fitzgerald
Olivia’s favorite brother, but she won’t admit to it because James can be extremely jealous. His personal life is a mess, but he always has time for his sister. Leave it to Peter to make things better on a depressing day. Despite rumors, Peter doesn’t really care much about the family fortune, but he won’t let James Jr. destroy it either. The sibling rivalry is only getting more heated up, after Peter found out about the house-staff rumors and plans on using that information to bribe him. Sometimes it’s up to Olivia to fix things between her older brothers and now might be a good time.
Model: Montgomery Clift

+ Abigail Turner
You’d never realize that Abigail and Olivia are good friends because they’re complete opposites. Abigail is shy and reserved, while Olivia is outgoing and enjoys the attention. Despite their differences, the girls are polite to each other and they’ve never had any trouble or rivalry to break their friendship. But sometimes Olivia pushes Abigail too hard and she’s almost forcing her back into the spotlight by giving her a musical act in the upcoming Fitzgerald ball.
Model: Audrey Hepburn

+ Lauren Bogart
Everyone gets Lauren and Olivia mixed up because of their similar looks and their inseparable friendship. She can be feisty but overall, Lauren is the type of girl that would rather spend her day horse riding or driving a car than taking etiquette lessons. She’s constantly trying to get Olivia to spend more time with her doing more adventurous things, instead of organizing parties and all the dull stuff that comes with being rich but so far, Olivia is refusing to do so. Little does Lauren know that all the time that Olivia spends “planning a party” actually means spending quality time with her passionate lover, the famous actor John Hudson.
Model: Tippi Hedren

+ Linus McCormick
Olivia’s naïve fiancé, who co-works with her father. He spends way too much time in the family’s company, working on a secret project that no one seems to know much about, except that the Fitzgeralds have spent a large sum of money financing it. Linus never cared about Olivia in a romantic way, until her father suggested it, almost like a threat. Eventually, he fell head over heels with the charismatic blonde, until he finally proposed. A few months into the engagement, Linus just feels grateful that the relationship is working, because he couldn’t imagine a life without Olivia and obviously because he still has a job in the prestigious Fitzgerald Corp.
Model: Gregory Peck

+ John Hudson
The whole world knows about John Hudson and his bed hopping antics. He’s the most solicited actor these days, but the gossip outshines his talent sometimes and John is just fed up with it. Sometimes he wishes he could just leave and start a new life, but with Olivia coming often to see him, that might be difficult to do. It’s such a wonder how no one has found out about their affair, especially when they’re both high profile. His only problem? A really bad temper. John is notorious for having tantrums when he doesn’t get things his way and sometimes it gets out of control. So far, it has never happened whenever Olivia’s around, but he’s unhappy with hiding their relationship from the world and won’t wait any longer until she gets rid of her businessman fiancé. 
Model: Marlon Brando

This is also my intro set, because making sets in this laptop can get exhausting. I WANT LAPPY BACK.

+ Heartbreak Hotel - Elvis Presley


I’ve been meaning to go to the theatre to watch that lovely movie ‘High Society’, but so far, no one really wants to join me in this adventure. Isn’t Grace Kelly lovely?

xx Olivia
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