Thor OC Asgard Attire

Eli is an OC for the Avengers/Thor universe.
Like Loki she was taken in by Odin and Frigga, although she was more or less freely given by her parents as a peace offering. Her mother, The Morrigan, gave her to the Asgardians to foster as a sign of goodwill and future alliances.
Unlike Loki, she was always aware of her position.
She is closest to Loki because of their shared interest in dark things and sorcery but regards Thor and Balder as brothers as well.
Frigga and Loki as well as her birth mother Morrigan have influenced her choice of attire in that she prefers black and gold.
She is a powerful sorceress and warrior, particularly skilled in shadow/darkness manipulation and stealth.
Her pets are a raven named Echo and a giant wolf named Fluffy.

two comments

Wrote two years ago
@brittneyclapper Yup! That and situations were she'll bring him to the Avengers' Mansion, like "Oh, I'm bringing Fluffy with me" and everyone being utterly gobsmacked by in essence the wolf version of Clifford the Big Red Dog.

Wrote two years ago
I can just imagine Eli commanding Fluffy to attack someone and them underestimating them, because of the wolf's name. LOL


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