Thor OC Midgard Pants and Shirts

What started out as Tony's judgement about her being a goth soon turned into Eli's style of choice. She still likes dressing up every now and again simply because she is used to it from Asgard.
Of the Avengers she gets along best with Natasha, Bruce and Clint. They understand her sarcasm and wit the best. Eli often butts heads with Tony because they both tend to want to outsmart each other.
In Asgard she was closest to Loki, followed by Thor, Frigga and Lady Sif. When Eli first came to Asgard, she and Sif couldn't stand each other, though they soon bonded over the idea that women are just as capable as men in regards to warfare.
Eli likes to read and study, and she is particularly fond of sweet foods such as cakes, ice cream and candy. Upon her arrival in Midgard, Thor immediately introduced her to pop tarts and waffles, and she's been addicted ever since.

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