THORAVAL Engraved ring set
  • Jessica de Lotz Jewellery LOVE Ring Set
    Set of silver, key inspired rings with the 'key teeth' spelling LOVE. You can select any 3 or 4 letter word in fact. At the back of these rings is a hand engraved message that reads 'Mine' or 'Yours.' An oxidised finish highlights this sentimental detail.
  • UGO CACCIATORI three ring set
    Metallic silver three ring set from Ugo Cacciatori featuring three separate coloured bands and a lead engraved design. Handmade.
  • Michelle Oh Quarry Stacking Set III
    In this set you will get 3 Skinny Quarry Rings. Choose from: Silver (Light) Oxidized silver (Dark) 14K Yellow Gold vermeil. 14K Rose Gold vermeil. Please specify your size and colour choice(s) when ordering. Finished to a brushed matte finish, these rings are rugged and weathered in appearance.
  • Pamela Love Silver & Quartz Arrowhead Ring
    Silver arrowhead ring set with quartz and beaded detail at face. 4mm band width. 40mm face width.
  • RACHEL ENTWISTLE Sun Moon and Elements Rings Set
    These three stacking rings were designed and handmade in our studio in Shoreditch, East London. The sun, moon and four elements stacker rings feature a sun ring with hand engraving, a middle ring with the alchemical four elements engraved around the outside, and a moon stacker ring. The set joins perfectly together with hidden alchemy inscriptions on the insides. The inscription on the moon ring reads: "Solve et Coagula", that expresses transmutation from base to a finer state, the perpetual goal of spiritual growth and human evolution. The sun inscription reads: "Igne Natura Renovatur Integra" which translates as 'Through Fire Nature is Reborn Whole' which refers to the alchemists' experiments but also our own power of personal transformation and ability to bring wholeness to ourselves through self will.