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  • Thos. Moser American Bungalow Filing Cabinet (custom)
    Thos. Moser American Bungalow Filing Cabinet (custom)
    The file cabinet shown here, inspired by our American Bungalow Dining Sideboard , came about through a request to custom design a complementary pairing using much the same structural design. It proves that aesthetics can co-exist beautifully with utility, and the piece will perform like a workhorse for years to come. Large, finished lateral file drawers have Japanese-style wrought iron pulls and will accommodate regular letter-size files as well as legal-size files, while three additional box drawers provide ample storage. Custom File Storage If you have unique needs for your work environment, we invite you to contact us directly. We have experience with small office environments, both home and professional, as well as large-scale institutional projects. We can custom design a solution to accommodate your particular requirements or dimensions. File locks can be positioned as needed, and file drawers can be stacked vertically or combined with standard drawers. Just give us a call.
  • Thos. Moser Four Drawer Lateral File
    Thos. Moser Four Drawer Lateral File
    Exquisite in every detail, right down to the carefully selected matching wood grain panels of its drawer fronts. Provides ample file storage, and doubles as a room divider thanks to its solid cherry back.
  • Thos. Moser File Cabinet - Two Drawer Lateral
    Thos. Moser File Cabinet - Two Drawer Lateral
    With the drawers closed, this piece could easily be mistaken for a small dresser. Constructed in solid cherry with our traditional cabinetmaking joints, including a dovetailed top and sliding top molding to allow for seasonal expansion and contraction. Internally, we have designed the Two Drawer Lateral File Cabinet to offer maximum flexibility in file storage (either horizontally or front to back). Ideal for the home or a well-appointed office.
  • Thos. Moser File Cabinet - Four Drawer Vertical
    Thos. Moser File Cabinet - Four Drawer Vertical
    Poking around antique shops, you sometimes come across wooden file cabinets salvaged from another age. Unlike the flimsy metal file cabinets popular today, they are a marvel in their heavy-duty construction and as useful now as they were a hundred years ago. We've designed our own beautifully efficient version intended to withstand similar tests of time. It features a dovetailed top, traditional cabinetmaking joints and ebonized-metal drawer pulls. Four stacked drawers provide exceptional storage in a small space.
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