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Would anyone be interested in me making a little story board with info about the other residents of the house and how they got there and stuff? Or should I not waste my time? x

Natalie Cole;

I was lying on the second story balcony catching the fading sun rays when heavy footsteps foreshadowed Danny’s arrival. He didn’t say anything immediately which meant he was only here for one reason.

“If you are going to start smoking.” I spoke up, not even bothering to open my eyes, “don’t even think about it.” 

“Who died and made you queen of the balcony.” He retorted, shoving my feet aside so he could presumably plant his ass on the end of the recliner I was sprawled on.

“I was here first asshat,” I muttered, opening my eyes to confirm that yes he was perched next to my legs. Which hey was step forward for him because he’d sat on my legs in the past.

“What exactly are you doing anyway?” He regarded my speculatively.

“Trying to contacts martians, what do you think dumbass?” I asked him with my best you are the stupidest idiot I’ve ever met face on, “I’m trying to catch some rays.”

“You have been looking rather pale lately,” He nodded solemnly, pinching my calf in the process, “But it’s 6pm in October not really the best time to catch the sun.”

“I make do with what time I’ve got,” I shrugged stretching out my legs which had actually started to cramp, “I’m a flexible girl.”

“Sure you are,” He leered at me in a way that made it impossible not to know what he was talking about.

I ignored him regardless, “I had class this afternoon, and then half an hour in the studio. So I got home an hour ago and I’ve been out here ever since.” I explained. He probably didn’t care but he’d basically asked the question.

“Oh yeah, that explains everything.” He, no joke, began to play with my toes which was all kinds of weird yet so very Danny.

“Babe, please don’t tell me you have a toe fetish?” I lifted my sunglasses up onto the top of my head, fixing him with an appraising look.

“Would it be creepy if I said I had a you fetish?” 

“Extremely so.” I laughed long and hard.

“Well it’s a good thing I didn’t then eh?” He winked at me, hand now circling my ankle.

“Oi Danny,” Sam stuck her head out the door from the reading room, “I thought you were coming out here to get Nat.”

“I have gotten Nat,” He lifted my ankle up with a smirk, “See I have her right here.”

“You were meant to bring her inside idiot,” Sam rolled her eyes in exasperation, “Get on that please.” She added before disappearing back inside.

Returning my attention to Danny I saw the mischievous glint in his eyes, and the smirk on his face that spelt one thing, “Don’t you dare Danny Stokes.” I warned him as he climbed to his feet.

Clearly my warning did absolutely no good because the next second he was leaning down and scooping me into his arms, carrying me inside despite me incessant squealing.

“Put me down Danny.” I shrieked, wrapping my arms around his neck in a death grip as he carried me into the reading room, “Put me down right now.”

“Put you down?” He grinned mischievously, “If that’s what you want.” He said before dropping me onto one of the futons next to Ella so that me head landed in her lap.

“Hi there,” I grinned up at her, feeling slightly dazed I’m not going to lie.

“Hi,” She waved back at me, trying to hide her amusement I assume.

“So, what did you want Sam?” I asked, turning my head so I could fix my eyes on her, “And why couldn’t you come outside to ask me yourself.”

“We’re going clubbing,” Lucy squealed, clapping her hands and bouncing up and down on her seat before Sam was able to answer me.

“Are we now?” I asked, eyebrow cocked, “All of us?” The even Owen remained unspoken but clearly everyone including Owen heard it.

“All of us,” He nodded from his position backed up against one of the futons on the opposite side of the room. 

“Well all of you can go,” I sighed, shutting my eyes, “But I’m not particularly up for it tonight.” I lied through my teeth, I was always up for dancing and drinking, but none of them had to know that.

“Oh come on Nat,” Lucy pouted, halting her bouncing, “We’ve been trying for ages to convince Owen to come with us,” said boy waved at me with a little smile and there were no words for how endearing it was, “and now that we have you don’t want to go. That’s not fair.” 

“She’s just joking,” Sam said confidently waving her hand, “Of course Nat is coming.”

“I’m really not,” I sighed, sitting up and clutching my knees to my chest.

“Are you alright sweetie?” Ella asked, always the sweetheart as she pushed some of my hair behind my ear.

“Of course I am,” I smiled, wanting to shake her hand off but knowing that’d make her more worried, “I just don’t feel like it.”

“Well I insist.” Danny spoke up for the first time since we’d come inside.

“Danny,” I said in my best warning tone.

“Natalie,” He matched my tone, stepping forward to stand in front of me.

“I don’t feel like it.”

“Bullshit,” He called, before reaching down and once again picking me up.

“For fucksake Danny I’m not going,” I huffed kicking my legs to try and dislodge his hands yet clinging to his neck again. I wasn’t stupid, I knew that if he let go I would fall on my ass, “And stop carrying me round like a damsel in distress.”

“Where are you taking here Danny?” Lucy asked, always the curious one.

“I bet he’s going to fuck her into agreement,” Sam nodded knowingly, apparently taking on her role as the crude one.

“I’m not, though a good idea for next time.” Danny threw over his shoulder as we left the room, “I’m just going to help her choose an outfit.”

“You know nothing about choosing an outfit.” I scoffed as he dropped me on my bed.

“I know,” He shrugged, “But you’re going tonight,” I opened my mouth to protest but before I had the chance he cut me off, “It’s my treat.”

“Really?” I asked suspiciously, getting up off the bed to stand toe to toe with him, “Why?”

“I just feel like it,” He shrugged, throwing himself onto the bed like he owned the damn place. I’m not going to lie though it was damn convincing and I wasn’t surprised Danny knew exactly what to say.

“And you’ll pay for me?” I asked suspiciously.

“I’ve already said I would Nat,” He rolled his eyes in mock exasperation, “Don’t make me regret it.”

“Thanks Danny,” I beamed at him, ducking in to kiss him on the cheek while he pretended to knock me away good-naturedly, “Now to decide what to wear.” I hummed, opening my wardrobe. I mean I only had a few option but sometimes it was nice to pretend.

“Personally I vote for the shortest, tightest thing you have.” Danny voiced his opinion from where he was lounging on the bed.

“But my shortest and tightest dress is high necked and long sleeved,” I turned towards him with a pout, “Is that really the dress you want.”

“Hmm,” He pretended to consider it, “Maybe not. Actually I vote the purple strapless one,” He got this dreamy look in his eyes, “You looked hot in that one.” 

“I did look hot in that one,” I nodded, pulling aforementioned dress off it’s clothes hanger, “But I don’t want to know how you know so much about what’s in my closet.”

“You looked hot in it, I’d remember it.” He shrugged like it was the most normal thing in the world. Which is suppose for a 21 year old boy it really was, “Plus I’m pretty sure I bought that one for you as well.”

“Oh yea,” I stopped and thought about it, dress still in my hand. Now that he mentioned it I remembered he hand, “Look Danny,” I started uncomfortably.

“Don’t worry about it babe,” He stood up, moving forward to kiss me on the cheek this time, “Like I said you looked hot.” I had to laugh at that one, “Now as much as I’d like to stay and watch you get dressed I think Sam was making noises about me changing as well, can’t see why.” He gestured to his hoodie and ratty old jeans.

“No, I can’t see why.” I repeated dryly.

“Plus there’s plenty time for that later babe,” He leered at me yet again before turning on his heel and heading for the door. He was reaching behind him to close it when he added, “and no baking out of this one Cole. You owe me one.” Before the door closes and I was left to get dresses.

And with the hardest decision yet to make.

What shoes to wear.

I meant to write more about the club and the other characters [hence their prominence in this set] but the story got long enough as it was, there's always next time right? xd
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