21 days. 13 school days. 9 class days. 6 finals. 4 AP tests. Then *FREEDOM*.
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Name: Gemma Iris Carroll
Nicknames: Gem
Age: 17
Birthday: 11/17/94
Hometown: Boulder, Colorado
Affiliations: High school senior, sells her own art at markets, helps organize charity runs.

Extrovert/Introvert: Extrovert; she likes to make people happy, and doesn’t mind talking speaking up. However, it takes her a while to truly open up.
Phobias/Fears: Health epidemics, intimacy, abandonment, crossing bridges, puppets.
Goals/Dreams: To complete her “bad girl” to “good girl” reformation, then to become successful enough to buy her parents back in Colorado a new life (she lives with her grandparents back east now).
Quirks/Habits: Carries her Moleskine with her everywhere she goes, playing with her hair, roller skates whenever possible.

Likes: Green, raspberry iced tea, working out and staying healthy, classic rock, sightseeing, walking her dog, painting, Buddhism, wearing no makeup.
Dislikes: Feeling too proper, closed-minded people, pop music, judgment, missing home.
Virtues: Very accepting and appreciative of other people, down to earth, optimistic, supportive of good causes, realizes she has made some mistakes and has set out to become a better person. 
Flaws: Being too slow to open up to others, becomes easily attached to people.

First Impression: Comes off as a very laid-back and happy girl with a free spirit, but has a bit of mystery surrounding her past.
Philosophy of Life: “We meet no ordinary people in our lives” –C.S. Lewis
Phrases they use often: Hakuna matata, right on, chill, no worries, peace out.

Parents: Lief Carroll (39), Dawn Carroll (38). They met while hitchhiking across the country in their college years and it was instant hippie love. Gemma was a “happy mistake” for them and she was basically a flower child. They happily live in a camper in Boulder, but sent Gemma to her grandparents when she started causing some trouble.
Sibling(s): x
Pets: Magnolia/Maggie the tiny mutt she found on the street when she was thirteen; basically her best friend.

Height: 5’6”.
Weight: 120 lbs.
Eyes: Brown, with a bit of gold on the inside.
Hair: Long, wavy, and brown with a sun-bleached layer on the top.
Face & Complexion: Medium-toned skin with lots of freckles, full lips,
Build: Perfectly curve-less shape, but with her feminine face, it doesn’t matter.
Defining Marks: Her many faint freckles.
Dress Style: Earthy colors, flowy silhouettes, very boho, many bracelets, not too much sparkle.
Possessions always on this person: Moleskine, hand sanitizer, iPod, sunglasses.

{Extra} - Optional 
Manner of Speech: She has a soft voice, but speaks with confidence.
Manner of Movement: She strolls more than she walks; never in much of a hurry.
Relationship Status: Single, and rather happy about it.
Ever had sex: Oh yes. she had a big rebellious phase.
Believes that a person shouldn't have sex before marriage/Believes in casual sex: After her rebellious phase, she realized sex should be between two people who love each other, married or not, but never casual.
Turn ons: Understanding guys, talent or determination at something, somebody who challenges her, nice arms.
Turn offs: Hardcore partying, whining, pessimism, lack of fitness/somebody who doesn’t take care of himself.
Past Relationships: Had a bunch of *ahem* partners during that phase in her life, but never had a deeply serious official relationship.
Ever been drunk: Yes.
Lied to a boyfriend or girlfriend: Never truly had one, but she wouldn’t lie.
Cheated on a boyfriend or girlfriend: Never truly had one, and she’s building up a resistance to temptation.
Gotten into a fight: No, she’s too level-headed.

Dwelling: In Colorado, her parents’ kitschy VW camper. At her grandparents, a spacious beach house at the Vineyard with a view of a lighthouse. It’s been in her mother’s family for years, and it has a lot of homey character.
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