{NOTE: Alexandra (@mischieffoal) is the person who killed Freya's father. She's hasn't been mentioned before because mischief and I just decided on it, so don't be confused!}

 I had, like many others, gotten to the Square early. It made sense to – someone could easily take a package that didn't belong to them if they got to it. However, unlike everyone else, I wasn't hiding. I wasn't afraid of anyone here. I hated them, but I wasn't afraid. They were scared of me, that was for sure. As one of the first players, people had watched me kill before they were sent in. 

 When the clock struck seven, I ran easily to my package. Once it was slung carelessly over my shoulders, I found my spot. 

 It was a gigantic tree that looked easy enough to climb. I could go up there with a perfect view of Alexandra. She'd have to come sometime, and when she did, I'd kill her, just like she did my father. 

 Climbing came easy to me now, even though I'd grown up in a rather tree-less environment. Six years of practice and I was a professional. 

 My package was quite empty. It held a change of clothes, a bit of food, and one single letter. I was surprised to see it, honestly. When my father was chosen, I stayed home. All my friends were almost forgotten. So, I picked the envelope up gently, as if afraid it was a figment of my imagination. When it didn't crumble in my hands, I opened it. 

 The paper was white, unlined. I realized then that it was the first piece of paper I'd seen in eight years, since my first day here and the note that stated simply, 'Survive.'

 Dear Freya, 

 I miss you. We all miss you. It's been six years since I've seen you when you weren't on a screen, but it's safe to say we've both changed immensely. I'm thirty-four now, and I'm pregnant. You understand I won't tell my child that he's related to you. You're so brutal now. So unlike your father. 

 Regardless, I do miss you. Henry was my only brother, and so I constantly look for him in you. But I can't anymore, Freya. I honestly think you need to realize he wouldn't want you to kill everyone in your sights.

 Though the letter did not stop there, I couldn't read it any more. How in the world could Aunt Marie say that? Her brother was dead because of this girl! I had to kill. I had to. 

 I wasn't often this angry. I usually was angry, but not like this. My breathing became heavier, my fists clenched around the paper. I wanted to scream. I hated Aunt Marie. I hated her. 

 Was she watching now? Had she enjoyed writing that letter, telling me I was nothing like the man I loved so much? I had to kill, to avenge him. How could she not understand that?

 I crumbled the paper up and threw it. I didn't care where it went. I hoped some animal pissed on it. 

 I'd just have to forget about it. I never read the letter. I never read it. 

 To put my mind off of it, I had to direct my entire attention on finding Alexandra. While I waited, I pulled a water bottle out of my package, and sipped on it, focusing on finding Alexandra. The water tasted strange. Metallic, almost. Perhaps I'd just grown accustomed to having water that came from a stream. 

 I only had to wait for a short time before I saw my chance. It wasn't Alexandra, though. It was a boy who was collecting a number of packages, including Alexandra's. He was her accomplice. 

 If I hurt him, she'd have to come, and then I'd have her. I hopped down from my branch, as quietly as I possibly could. 

 I didn't really think about anything except my father as I sneaked behind the guy, hitting him across the head as hard as I could. Then, as quickly as I could, I darted behind a bush, waiting. I could hear Alexandra whistle, and then some animal came running. She got there moments after, her arrow drawn. 

 I began to feel nauseated then. I didn't think much of it, really. I just slowly made my way behind Alexandra, trying to surprise her. However, as fate would have it, I snapped a twig while I was at it. She spun around, her bow pointed at me. 

 I was forced to hit her hard across the hand, disarming her. I was glad to have the upper hand. 

 However, in a moment my mind began to feel clouded, and the water bottle I'd finished off came into my mind. It was poisoned! That's why it tasted so strange. 

 Alexandra didn't seem to notice my strange behavior, and for that I was grateful. She looked pathetic, scared. I hated her. 

 I swung at her again, missing this time. I could NOT die without killing my enemy! 

 Alexandra was yelling something, trying to prevent me from killing her. Ha!

 She was lying! Of course she had, I'd seen it with my own eyes. What a witch she was, to kill my father and expect no outcomes? 

 My knees refused to hold me. I pounced on top of her, my case held firmly secured between my hands. This was it. If this poison didn't kill me, I would kill her. 

 And then, I brought my arm up and, fainted. 

(@nixandra, Sorry this was written so terribly! But you said you wanted to include Freya in your story, so I thought I 'd tag you so I knew you'd read it! )
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