salvation ~ gabrielle aplin

This set is late.. Once again but ohmygosh i have stuff to talk about today! :3 so get comfy, have a nice drink with you, relax and enjoy your (short) flight with louise airlines :D 

What to start with.. Prom! 

Ok so i have a typically cynical attitude to things such as big parties and prom was no exception even though i tried to be positive, i really did try! 

Anyways, i get there my feet already in pain because i hardly ever walk in heels so i took them off eventually (two hours in.. Bad mistake shouldve taken them off sooner but no matter) and most of the evening was spent complaining about my feet and how loud it was x) im such an old lady at parties haha but its ok i found an 'old man' to be grumpy with - my friend who i'm actually having a star wars marathon next week i think ^_^ ok i'm going off the subject aren't i? They played good music - most of the time - with songs from green day, foo fighters (the pretenders) and the killers (mr brightside - best song to play at parties imo) all mixed in with stuff like adele :) the good songs were played by the teachers band (i know) but they were actually pretty good at covers (for the most part haha) the rest of the evening was with a dj who cut off half the songs to merge into the next so it was pointless idk. either way im glad i went even if i would've rather have been at home xD

Okay..... What next? 

I've been in manchester for my grandma's 90th and i've seen every family member haha! I love my family though so it was nice :3 thats another reason this set is late, i had no time to go on polyvore! I could’ve posted yesterday but i forgot, woops, However i had been WIDE AWAKE till 2 the previous night for some reason -.- it was okay i had someone to talk to :3 

And now for the final thing which you've been waiting for.. The guy situation :D you don't even know his name... His name is harry ^_^ (he's the person i talked to that night haha)

i was stupid and avoided him the entire prom pretty much yay me (not) -.- HE LOOKED ADORABLE IN HIS SUIT THOUGH I HAVE TO ADMIT.

anywayyyss on wednesday he will hopefully ask me out :3 it sounds silly but he asked me when i was going to ask him out and i was like im not asking you out and he was like ok are you sure [for him asking me i think idk] then he was like when and i was like next week! (Cause i was going to be in manchester the next two days) and that we had to meet up cause i had hardly spoken to him face to face haha Then he was like what day and eventually we decided wednesday oooooh :3 we’re going to watch a movie :c idk if we'll kiss though neither of us have o.o 

Ehehe i'm happy ^_^ i finally have a love life!

Thank you for flying with louise airlines, the pilot would like to thank you for listening to her life :3

Oh i got tagged too so you can either leave the plane or stay on till we land at the next airport ^_^
1) Who is your hero or idol?
im not sure i have one, i respect a lot of people though!
2) What is your favorite book?
harry potter series, how to train your dragon series, looking for Alaska um... i don’t have an all time favourite haha
3) Who is your favorite YouTuber?
i don’t have a favourite, i like them all for different reasons :3
4) What is your favorite album?
.... why must you hurt me in this way... i rather like viva la vida ~ coldplay, or ocean eyes ~ owl city
5) Who is your favorite artist or what is your favorite band?
i cant choose! Look in my bio on my profile haha i have a list
6) Describe your personality in seven words or less.
cynical, rude, quiet, hilarious, potterhead, tired, potato
7) Do you have a secret obsession? If so, what is it?
um i don’t think so haha at least one person knows about each of mine :)
8) Other than the Internet, what do you do in your free time?
haha.. um.. *shifty eyes* uh.. eat?
9) Describe your favourite animal without using its name.
its wild, howls at the moon, and is fluffy :3
10) What is your hamartia?
i think im like remus in the sense that i easily forgive my friends because i don’t have many 

Name: Louise
Scariest thing you've ever done: hmm idk
Favorite designer: Henry Holland counts right?
Coke or Pepsi? Coke :3 
Bake or cook? Bake all the way! 
BESTIE? I have two ^_^ then four close friends :)
Favorite childhood toy: i didn’t have just one haha i had looaads for ages it was a moose then back to my teddy haha
Dream career: BAND MEMBER :3
Your 'type' (guys): humorous, respects me, nice eyes, less awkward than me, shares common interests with me, loyal um.. idk what else
Fave sports: quidditch 
Subway or jimmy johns: oh i have done this quiz before.. still cba to research what jimmy johns is
Polyvore or texting: idk both are completely different!
Band or choir: idk band? 
Worst trend right now: idk
Least favorite singer: uh.. idk xD
Fave music genre: umm indie, alternative :)

QUIZ TAGLIST: @iliketurtles @daughter-of-the-doctor @dreamingausten @bestdressx @sapphire-pixie@greenisthenewgirl @rosegold26 :)

my fandom tumblr:
my band tumblr:
my twitter:

This set is so long im so sorry haha my next one will be less than 1000 words, i promise :P
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