Okay, so I don’t think there has ever been a fuller set in the history of sets….but whatevs, I needed a lot of people in here. I hope there’s a Christmas Hottie for everyone ;) I'm waaaay too lazy to make a bunch of sets. So this is my Christmas set to every one of my amazing Poly Friends and here is a little something for all of you although honestly I'd rather just sing for you:

Rahni: You are such a cutie!!! I love talking to you even if we don’t get to that much. You are such a cool person and a fantastic writer and I hope that you will keep it up!!!

Nicole: We don’t talk that much but I think you’re suuuuper cute. We share an epic Jared love…but then again who doesn’t and I smile whenever you mention him….partially because he makes me smile partially because I think its sooo cute you love him just as much as I do  I'm so sorry you couldn’t make it to the 30 STM concert  but you will be someday I'm sure ;)

Elizabeth: You are adorable, even though you hate that ;) it’s a good thing trust me. You’re stories are incredibly well written, and you’re from Australia….so you’re already on the top of my cool list. Keep the gorgeous sets coming baby!!!

Vicki: We don’t talk!! But your sets will continue to shock and amaze me every time you make one. I swear every single one is stunning beyond belief and I am jealous to no extent. Keep it up please because it makes me happy!

lalasparkles: I will never stop craving Summer stories. Seriously. I crave them. You are a ridiculously talented writer and although I'm not in MMN I wish I was because every single story you write has me on the edge of my seat.

Barbara: Your sets and stories inspire and amaze me. I hope that we get a chance to collab in LST because Zac is one sexy beast and you are an extremely talented writer, and honestly a hoot. I lurk your comments. They make me grin. 

Randi: You are so talented!! You amaze me with every story I read and it is a delight to write with you, and talk to you! I look forward to your stories even the ones for the RP’s I'm not a part of because you’re characters are so charming, and deep. Please never stop writing!

Mik: Now that I think about it….we haven’t talked for a while. I might pm you like right now…But I think you’re the cutest, and you remind me sooo much of me at your age :3 Sh.t I just felt super old when I said that…..but anyways. I love your sets, and your stories are wonderful. <3 Also Canadians kick a.ss. Just saying. 

Cutie Carlaay: Whenever I see one of your stories I'm so excited. Also I looove jumping in randomly on your comments. ;) You are a blast to collab with and I hope we talk more in the future because you’re such a cool person.

Pri: You are such a hoot. I seriously am grinning whenever I talk to you. And girl you are a set making machine!!! For serious! I love writing with you and talking to you and hearing all about you. I hope that we talk/collab more in the future because you rock ;) 

Nadia: We don’t talk that much, but when we do I'm always grinning. You are a bundle of fun, and so adorable I wish I could take you with me everywhere in my little pocket. You’re a wonderful friend. And you introduced me to a really smoking hot soccer player. Without you how would I ever have experienced Ronaldo’s abs? ;) 

Gabbs: I’ve known you for so long!! I literally feel like it was yesterday that I found out you were having a baby! I feel like a total creeper for thinking about how I followed your pregnancy, and cheered for you when I found out you got engaged, and when you were in labor, and was thrilled when I heard all about your beautiful baby girl. You are a fantastic writer, a wonderful person, and I swear to god your sets make me laugh almost daily. Thank you for being you!!

Nellie: Wow. You are a ridiculously talented writer. Your stories were the first ones I ever read on poly, and I will never forget how excited you got me about VA. You’re characters are in depth, they are alive, and they will always be a part of me and my writing, and I hope for you that you become a ridiculously successful writer because you deserve every minute of the success I know you will one day achieve. Thank you for inspiring me. 

Sassy Sara: Your name kicks as.s but we already know that. You are one of the sweetest and most incredible people I know. And the sexiest, because you speak Italian. It’s sexy. Deal with it. I have looooved writing with you, it’s so wonderfully easy and makes me so happy. And talking with you is always a delight. Merry Christmas my Italian baby  

Alicia: You cutie you. You make my head way too big with all your compliments and flattery. I might be a downer without you. You are a very talented writer, so don’t ever think differently. And you make me smile every day. Your sets are beautiful, and your taste in women rocks ;) I can’t wait to keep collabing with you. I'm so glad I PM’d you that one day to say we should be friends. 

Melissa: To quote Friends. You’re so wonderfully weird. You may say the strangest things and send me the weirdest pictures, but it ALWAYS makes me laugh. I love collabing with you, and reading your writing and most of all just talking with you about absolutely nothing…and everything. 

Grace: You are a ridiculously talented writer. I literally go back and read your stories and am amazed every time. You are the reason I joined WVPB in the first place…and not just because you modded it, but because I wanted to be a part of the writing you were doing so much. I'm so glad that I have the honor of being your panda  

Tissha: I have so much love for you. You have talked me through so many things in my life, you were my first poly friend, and for a while, my only one. I have loved so much watching Docia and Summer become the amazing friends they are today, just like I’ve enjoyed becoming your friend. You are an amazing writer, a fabulous fashionista, a wonderful mother, and one of the strongest women I know. Please don’t ever change, because I love you so much. 

Nadia: There are both no words, and so many words. You are a wonderful, beautiful, amazing, and talented person. I was so afraid you hated me at first and I hated that because I thought you were so awesome!! There are not many people in my life that I would do homework for. Let’s put it that way :3 But seriously. I have laughed with you and cried with you, and I will never ever forget you. I will always be there if you ever need to b*tch about anything. Or just discuss how perfect Candice’s as.s is….either way. I love you so much. Thank you for being you. 

Gianna: When I first started reading your stories, I thought you were the coolest girl on the planet, and no WAY would I be cool enough for you. Now I couldn’t imagine not knowing you. You are beautiful inside and out and I am always yours. Even though you make me blush on a semi-hourly basis, you also make me smile, sometimes for hours on end. I'm so glad we (FINALLY) get to write together!!!! Because it’s sooo much fun! I swear to god Anders knows your name and the look I make when you send me something wonderful. I love you so much. 

To my dearest Jessie: I know you’ll probably never see this, but I miss you every single day. I know that if you ever come back you will have 50 inbox messages from me. But it’s because I see something I need to tell you all the time and I can’t not. I wish there were more words, because I love you just doesn’t cut it. But it’s true. I wish you all the best in whatever it is you’re doing now. And I hope that someday we will still go seduce Hayden/Penn. Because honestly they are missing out ;) I miss you so much, and love you more.
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